When it comes to quality luxury glass; it all comes down to customization. One of the best qualities of luxury glass doors and windows from B&L Glass is the ability to specifically individualize your custom glasswork to meet the precise needs and characteristics of your home.

Today, we prize individuality over uniformity, and homeowners and designers alike know that a high-end property must stand out from the crowd and provide a specific, unique aesthetic that highlights all the individual aspects of the home. Ultimately your home and glasswork must be uniquely yours and a well-designed space should reflect the style and taste of your property.

At B&L Glass, we offer a wide variety of customizations and specifications for all types of glass doors, creating a nearly endless avenue to individualize your designs and create the precise style you wish while also integrating various functional upgrades  From heightened safety and security measures to reduced energy costs and stylistic designs, each luxury glass door, and window design can be individually crafted to fit the needs of the space.

Here is just a taste of the customization options available with the luxury glass work at B&L Glass of Santa Rosa.


Blinds and shades:

For homeowners and designers seeking to create an extra measure of privacy and versatility, blinds and shades are efficient and simple customization to address a variety of needs. Alongside standard blinds and shade options featured in traditional window designs such as vertical blinds and shades or privacy sheers, modern styles of glass doors now offer the ability to integrate internal shades between the panes of glass.

While these shades and blinds are perfect for providing additional privacy, they also work to block out additional light on particularly sunny or oppressively hot days, deflecting heat and ensuring that your indoor space is kept cool at all times. Blinds also give the flexibility of enjoying a clear, open view when desired and privacy and shade when it’s not.

Traditional old-style blinds lay on the interior side of the glass panes, and with every swing, slide or pivot to open the door, the blinds shake or move with the force of the open and close motion. In these instances, blinds and shades can get trapped or stuck between the glass and the frame, and these older style blind and shade designs can be tedious and frustrating for homeowners.

However, internal blinds are securely held between the glass panes of a glass door, so that you no longer have to worry about obstructing access or clunky door operation with blinds and shades. Similar to insulated glass designs, the blinds sit in the open space between the glass and can be raised, lowered, opened, and closed by an external mechanism or adjusted with a pulley or automatic device.


Low-E Glass:

Low-E Glass is a type of glass door coating that has become increasingly popular over recent years both for its sustainability boosting qualities and the energy reduction benefits it can offer to homeowners.

Light from the sun travels across various different spectrum types; UV light, visible light and infrared light all occupy separate sects of this spectrum and the differences are defined by their specific wavelengths.


  1. UV LIGHT – Travels at a lower wavelength and can cause interior materials such as fabrics and other wall coverings to begin deteriorating overtime.
  2. VISIBLE LIGHT- occupies the middle section of the light spectrum and is what gives our eye systems visibility.
  3. INFRARED LIGHT- travels at the higher wavelengths of the spectrum and is transmitted as heat.


The technology of low-E glass is specifically engineered to minimize the amounts of damaging UV light and infrared light without altering the amount of visible light let into the room. With a microscopically thin and transparent coating, low-E glass reflects back the long waves of infrared energy and ensures that the productive sources of light can still enter, in effect working very similarly to a thermos.

The result for homeowners has enhanced longevity for your interior furnishing, lower cooling costs (especially during the oppressive summer month), and positive ecological effects on the world, and enhanced sustainability measures.

With Low-E glass technology, it’s never been easier to help the planet while also helping your wallet by reducing energy costs and consumption. It’s just one of the many ways luxury glass technology is helping modern homeowners continue to increase the quality of their lives.


Hardware and Other Finishings:

Glass doors allow for a wide range of customizations and detailing that will help you build a style and design that is unique to your home. From the individuality of the frame, to the quality and type of glass utilized, to the specifics of details such as knobs and hardware; these specific hardware customizations assist in making your luxury glass door or window a stunning focal point of your home. This in turn enhances the total architectural style of your property and can also highlight the detailing of your home’s interior.

Hardware options can be colored to match your paint scheme or existing hardware and nickel, silver, gold plated, or matte black finishes can all be integrated to add the finishing touches to your glass door design.

Minimizing hardware, or forgoing traditional door handles can create a modern, contemporary, or even minimalist design. Conversely, by employing ornate, vibrant, distinctive hardware, you can make a luxury door even grander, more elegant, and opulent, and thereby truly capitalizing on the benefits of a custom luxury glass door designed specifically for your home.

While the glass and the profile of a door or window comprise the lion’s share of the design, it’s important to understand the immense aesthetic appeal the specific selection of hardware can bring to your luxury glass features.


Customizing Glass Doors with B&L Glass

As the premiere glass specialists in Santa Rosa and all of Sonoma County, we know that our customers value the ability to select and enhance their glass to meet the precise needs of their homes. With B&L Glass, no two panes of glass are cut the same, because we know that serving your individual requirements requires the intentional, specific craftsmanship that can only be found in high-end professional glasswork.

Today, it’s never been easier to implement any of the many customizations available in the wide world of luxury glass and our team of craftsmen is ready and available to assist you in selecting, installing, and maintaining the perfect luxury glass option for your home.

If you are ready to begin selecting your custom luxury glass, give us a call at 707-285-9973 or use our online contact form to begin the conversation today.