Should You Buy Wood Windows or Vinyl Windows?

Did you know that when you buy windows, you’re deciding more than what the outside of your home will look like? Your selection makes a difference in many areas, from energy efficiency to upkeep costs to future replacement needs. Making the right choice today could save you more money in the long run without compromising on the visual aesthetic you hope to achieve. The biggest challenge you’ll face in making this decision has little to do with the actual glass you select, and more about how you frame-in the window. The battle is between wood vs vinyl windows. Will there be a conclusive winner? Let’s break down the pros and cons of each side.


Vinyl Windows Became Popular For a Reason

The durability of vinyl (also known as polyvinyl chloride, or PVC) is hard to deny — it’s one of the material’s primary strengths and the reason why it grew to be popular for windows in the first place. As a plastic, it is generally considered weather-resistant. It will not warp or deform due to moisture absorption or seasonal changes in some of the ways that wood can. Vinyl windows also cost less than wood, making them an economical choice for many homeowners who want to save a few dollars in their budget. Paint won’t peel or crack, and in fact, you don’t need to paint vinyl at all. It’s clear: vinyl is a budget option. As such, it also has some potent drawbacks.


Vinyl Windows’ Drawbacks

When you want to achieve a luxury finish on your home, the look of the windows is crucial. Unfortunately, vinyl manufacturers continue to struggle to produce other colors in a cost-efficient manner. While white was once the only color you could hope to find in vinyl, today there are other options, at a price. Vinyl windows also often don’t suit the look of older homes, especially those with more classic architectural styles. When considering that vinyl is often thought of as the “budget” choice, it’s important not to forget that it is hard to disguise that fact. Vinyl is practical, but it is also distinctive and perhaps not in the way you desire.


Why Do People Still Choose Wood Windows?

wood-windows-santa-rosa-ca-bl-glassWood windows have many advantages for homeowners looking for a more luxury style. First, the interior of the window retains its natural wood look, or you can stain or paint it to match your preferred style. Likewise, you can paint the exterior of the windows with ease, changing it with the look of your home or to your taste as desired. Wood has excellent longevity, too. While it won’t last “forever” as vinyl may, modern wood windows stand up to the elements and provide you with a practical, beautiful investment. The customizability compared to vinyl is a big point in its favor for many homeowners, especially those crafting a new living space from scratch.


Is There Anything Wrong with Choosing Wood?

As mentioned already, there are some drawbacks to the use of wood as well. For example, while painting may be an advantage for customizing your home, it is also a labor-intensive task, especially when you have a home with many windows. Wood may need repainting on the exterior much more frequently than some homeowners recognize. It is also more susceptible to temperature extremes, and if damaged, may suffer from rot and decay over time. The price tag associated with wood tends to be higher than vinyl, too, but this makes sense in the context of the increased quality of the installation. 


Making the Right Choice for Your Building

So, when it comes down to wood versus vinyl, who wins? The truth is that no one can make this decision for you as a homeowner. Some spaces will benefit from vinyl, and you may be able to invest the savings into other improvements around the home. For those who prefer traditional styles blended with contemporary advances, though, wood windows continue to represent an excellent investment. A possible selling point when you decide to move out later is that wood makes for luxury windows that give your home even more character. 


Find Professional Help When You Want to Buy Windows

When you buy windows, considering all of this information is crucial to spending your investment wisely and creating satisfaction with the results. Whether you choose to opt for vinyl windows with a cost that is initially lower, or you prefer the warm luxury of wood, the professionals you select for installation will make a difference in the outcome, too. At B&L Glass, we have 60 years of glazing experience for your benefit. Find out today how we can help you make the right decision for results that deliver many years of satisfaction.


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