5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood Windows


Whether you are planning a renovation, or you’re overseeing brand new construction, you have many choices ahead. Some of those are purely aesthetic, while others are more functional. Some are both — like your windows. Choosing your windows is not only about the type of glass you select or the shape of the panes. What about the window frame, though? Not only is the framing necessary for achieving the look you want from your luxury wood windows, but it affects other things, too, such as energy efficiency. Today, the two most popular options are wood windows and vinyl-based solutions. Of the two, wood has superior properties that make it a good choice. Why opt for a wood window design?


1. Wood Windows Contribute to Enhanced Energy Efficiency


Want to ensure you can keep your energy bills down even when the temperature climbs in the summer? It’s easier than you think. Combined with other strategies to manage your electrical consumption, modern wood windows aid in minimizing the amount of air leakage that occurs around the frame. Old vinyl windows have a reputation for being very drafty and letting too much air escape from the home. In turn, your HVAC system works harder to maintain the same temperature. With solidly-built wood windows, you can trust in a house that has a more secure thermal envelope for the long term.


2. Wood Offers More Options for Achieving Luxury Results


For homeowners who love carefully defining the look of their home, there is simply no choice for windows but wood. Vinyl simply cannot achieve the luxury outcomes and good looks of wood. Combined with good glasswork, wood windows make a home look more modern and elegant. Achieve the finish you want — the one that says to your neighbors that you’re setting the bar for good looks on the street. With solutions suitable for every kind of home and personal taste, the customizability of wood windows has to be one of the most significant advantages to choosing this material over any other.


3. Natural Noise-Blocking Properties Make Your Home Quieter


For those who live in quiet suburbs or rural areas, noise is not often a factor in choosing window materials. However, living near a busy street means road noise is a constant part of life. Although using wood as your framing material won’t completely block sound, it will contribute to dampening exterior noise rather than transmitting it into the interior of the home. When combined with an advanced glass solution designed to minimize exterior noise, you’ll find it is effortless to create the perfect cozy atmosphere indoors. Though vinyl also has some noise-blocking properties, it is not as efficient at the job as wood.


4. Wood Simply Lasts Longer Than Other Options


The low costs and fast installation characteristic of vinyl windows make them appealing to many homeowners, but it comes at a price: vinyl needs replacing more frequently. Wood, on the other hand, has an excellent reputation for standing up to even the most challenging tests of time. When adequately treated on the exterior and occasionally maintained, wood windows can last for many decades — often outlasting the length of time many people stay in one home. Over time, that not only translates to a more cost-effective investment, but it keeps you from worrying about window problems every few years, too.


5. These Windows Rely on Sustainable Resources


In an era of environmental consciousness, how we use resources is a significant concern. Vinyl requires the production of plastics and the use of many chemicals to reach the final product ready for installation. Wood, of course, is a naturally sustainable resource. For the most conscious homeowners, it is even possible to seek out wood from specific types of trees to make the most eco-friendly windows possible. Choosing wood is an easy way to make your home more “green” without contributing to plastic production and the resulting pollution. Wood windows don’t just look good: they’re good for the environment too.


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Although vinyl has its advantages for some kinds of homeowners, it’s generally not the best — and you can enjoy much better results by choosing luxury wood windows instead. From enhanced energy efficiency to better longevity and durability, to their simple good looks, there are few reasons not to opt for windows made from wood.

At B&L Glass, we’re proud to provide in-depth assistance for those who want to explore innovative wood window design. With access to the highest quality glass products and backed up by a proven team of technicians and installers, we can ensure your home looks beautiful, maintains its thermal envelope, and features products designed from the start for longevity. To find out more about our wood windows, contact us today.


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