For contractors, designers, or homeowners looking to make an immediate impact on the functionality, safety, aesthetics, enjoyment, and valuation of your home; integrating a unique shower design is one of the most effective ways to achieve substantial results.


“…the bathroom is a crucial space. This is the room where you get ready or relax after a long day’s work.”


From selecting specific types of shower glass to integrating custom designs such as frameless shower steam enclosures, voice-activated temperature settings, or barn door systems, there are endless options for integrating one of a kind, value-boosting customizations into your shower design. 

Often, when designing a home project- many elect to extend finishing and aesthetic considerations only to spaces such as the living room or the kitchen, believing that the bathroom serves a mostly utilitarian function and should, therefore, be designed as such. 

However, the bathroom is a crucial space. This is the room where you get ready or relax after a long day’s work. Investing in your bathroom will ultimately boost the enjoyment of the space and utilizing custom shower design is one of the best ways to achieve this effect. 

Below are our top 5 reasons for building a custom shower design into your home project. 

Custom Shower Designs Lead to Increased Versatility and Functionality 

At the end of the day, customization leads to one of the greatest benefits of in-home design: choice. With a customized shower design, you are in charge of how to best maximize design factors to meet the needs of the home, while also allowing you to make use of the newest technologies to ensure the work stands the test of time.In today’s world, one size fits all solutions simply won’t cut it. Homeowners want a sense of individuality and they expect a home project to reflect and embody the qualities that are most important to them. 

With a customized shower design, you are in control of a variety of key factors; what kind of fixtures and showerhead you integrate, aesthetic considerations such as tile or glass type, and functional concerns such as custom shower door openings or handicap accessibility. 

Custom designs enable functionality and allow you to optimally upgrade a space. A less functional or dated layout can now be transformed to make use of wasted space and give a bathroom all the upgrades the current market offers.

With the help of a contractor and designer, even awkward spaces can be rearranged and optimized to precise specifications in ways big box stores simply cannot. 

Have a window you don’t want to lose? Or perhaps your home features an authentic clawfoot tub that you want to work around? In these instances, custom design is your only option for functional, specific glasswork that suits your individual space.

For homeowners, you can now decide between frameless or framed shower enclosures, sliding glass shower doors, or various types of bathtub and shower enclosures. The landscape for customization is vast, and skilled contractors can help navigate the available options to create a customizable shower that is perfectly designed for the home and in the design style of the home. Luckily, clean glass goes with just about everything.

Custom Shower Designs Means You Can Choose the Best Materials 

Standard solutions and designs often go hand in hand with cheap materials and ultimately sub-par work. With a custom shower design, contractors can ensure that their hard work is backed by quality materials that reflect the skill and craftsmanship of their profession. Ultimately, cheap materials will end in cheap results. Custom shower designs let you take control of the materials you use to ensure the project’s quality matches your standards. 

From aesthetically high-value materials such as glass tile or luxury vinyl to durable materials such as quartz countertops; custom shower and bathroom designs allow you the freedom to integrate a wide variety of materials to meet the precise needs of your project and boost your home’s value.  

The downside of the big box store pre-design or standard design showers is that they are often quickly and cheaply engineered for everyday bathrooms. While they can be affordable, they do not increase value in the long-run. These designs are indicative of a temporary fix rather than a lasting solution to your home-design as they are made with the most basic and affordable materials to appeal to mass consumers. 


Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Unique Shower Design


Custom materials exceed the capabilities of hardware store solutions. Most of the best materials today are made for custom order: marble, granite, glass, and tiling. Custom glass designers create the highest quality glass pieces and can cut materials to fit your specific space all while providing custom finishes such as frosting, texture, or premium finishes that enhance clarity and extend longevity. Investing in quality materials means your home spa or bathroom will remain just as impressive as it was the day it was built. 


Custom Shower Designs Allow You to Work Around Difficult Spaces 


One of the greatest difficulties we face in home design is the need to work around clunky, awkward, or ergonomically insufficient spaces. Standard shower designs often come with one size fits all dimensions and stock materials, therefore making your job of working with the space close to impossible.


 With a custom shower design, you can integrate the precise dimensions of the shower into the planning stages and purchase perfectly sized materials to work in tandem with the space. Now, what used to be a design imperfection can be easily optimized with a custom shower design that works in partnership with the space, rather than against it. 


Do you have a kneeling wall? Does your bath have a window in a challenging place? Would you love to have both a shower and a tub but can’t find the space? With the help of a contractor, all of these specifications can be addressed. 


Or perhaps you’re not lacking in space and simply want to enhance the spaciousness of your bathroom. The experts at B&L Glass have everything you need to update your bathroom from a functional room to a focal point of your home. With a little design help, you can turn your bathroom space into an in-home spa retreat.

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Custom Shower Designs Lead to Increased Accessibility

Custom shower designs allow contractors to build shower systems that effectively meet the needs of the elderly, handicapped, or movement impaired. The ADA has published a set of guidelines and rules for boosting accessibility in showers, and custom shower design makes adhering to these regulations far simpler and more effective. 

The widths of door frames, entryways, and door construction methods all enable flexibility for anyone with any physical needs. Further, custom shower design allows you to ensure aesthetic quality while also adhering to physical requirements when catering to any individuals needing extra space or access in the shower. 

Custom Shower Designs Boost Home Value 

Everyone knows that adding a bathroom adds value. This is one of the oldest adages in home building and real estate. 

In homes with only one bathroom, adding an additional bath is essential for the value of the home. In homes with more than one, it is the quality and design that will intrigue buyers most. Studies show that of all the upgrades and investments put into a home remodel, bathrooms recouped the highest percentages of the investment on the resale value, sometimes nearly doubling the initial upgrade investment. 

When designing a bathroom and shower enclosure with property value in mind, this is the moment to consider aesthetics. Transform a simple bathroom into a spa and wow buyers with your home once it hits the market. 


The Case for Custom Shower Design 


Ultimately, the enjoyment of your home and the future value it will bring all comes down to the specificity of your home design, the quality of the materials, and the level of craftsmanship. Custom shower enclosures open a whole new avenue for innovation within the field, while also boosting practical considerations such as aesthetics, accessibility, and functionality. 


With a custom shower design, you are in control of the specifics of your shower, rather than settling for one size fits all solutions. Invest in the future of your home and integrate a custom shower solution that reflects your home design and optimizes the best of your square footage with the best materials available. 


The professionals at B&L Glass are always here to help guide you through the process of selecting key customizations such as framed or frameless shower enclosures. Call us today at 707-546-4143 or use our online contact form

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