In the field of home design and remodeling, it’s important to blend functionality and aesthetic appeal as both ingredients are crucial in crafting the ultimate effectiveness and comfort of a home. 


Bathrooms, by nature of the colder, waterproof, and therefore rigid materials utilized, tend to be the most challenging to bring character and elegance to what is considered a mostly utilitarian room. This is where design and high-end materials can make all the difference for bathroom and home spa designs. Simple elements like fixtures and textiles can do wonders in sprucing up a dull bathroom and breathing life into this element of your home design 


When designing a bathroom, one you will not want to forgo is waterproofing. While this may seem an obvious necessity, it’s easy to overlook these elements of design that can inevitably challenge the functionality of the room. This is where expert glasswork can be your design and functionality friend. By nature of its transparency, glass can offer design elements that no other material offers. When considering a standing shower or a shower door design, well-crafted glass gives both the clean modern design while also bringing practical considerations to the table as this material can easily withstand water and moisture. 


The Benefit of Glass Shower Doors 


Glass shower doors offer considerably more benefit in terms of design and aesthetics in comparison to the standard shower- tub combinations used in lower-end real estate. However, as with any water fixture in your bathroom, they do require certain elements of upkeep and troubleshooting to ensure the maintenance of leak proof design and a clean shower experience.


Shower Entrance 


Frameless glass shower doors are often hung on hinges attached to the tiling on the wall. In this instance, there are a few ways to design the floor and the glass connectivity to ensure waterproofing. With the majority of glass shower doors, there is a small lip of a few inches integrated that one must step over to enter the shower. This small lip prevents water from spilling into the floor or leaking outside the bounds of the shower design. 


Other designs allow for a direct walk-in shower experience without requiring a step for entry. These designs make waterproofing slightly more challenging without a physical barrier to prevent water from spilling onto the floor. With both designs in mind, waterproofing requires additional specifications to ensure accurate waterproofing and the longevity of your beautiful shower design. 


The Importance of Waterproofing 


Beyond the build-up of mold and mildew, failure to properly waterproof and maintain your bathroom can create damage to your flooring or other aspects of your spa design. It is important to keep up with maintenance in your shower enclosure and bathroom design and consult with professionals about what products are recommended to keep your glass bathroom enclosure looking its best. Always feel free to reach out the B & L Glass is your need assistance with maintaining your glass shower enclosure. 


With walk-in showers, the design is often intended to feel open and airy as the structure allows you to walk straight into your spa sanctuary. However, when partitions are used in place of traditional door structures, there is still a need to waterproof. Glass partitions are held in place by hinges and other pieces of hardware that secure the glass in place. The showerhead is ideally aimed away from the glass and into the enclosure where the water then can be drained by way of the floor drain.


The Power of Silicone Caulk 


No matter how perfectly measured and how securely the glass is installed, there will be small gaps between the wall or tile and the glass of your partition. These can be filled with simple clear silicone caulk to help prevent the smallest of drips from getting through the space between the glass and the tile. 


Once the silicone caulk is installed you can expect years of perfect waterproofing when properly sealed. Caulking is an important factor to consider in maintaining your bathroom spa as even the smallest of leakage over time can be damaging to your spa bathroom design. Once the silicone caulk starts to peel or crumble, it’s time to repair or replace the caulking. Preventative maintenance such as consistent caulking is the best way to prevent any water damage from happening in your flooring.


Sealing the Bottom of Frameless Glass Shower Doors 


In frameless glass shower doors, the bottom of the door is the region that is most in need of sealing. Water easily leaks past the gap of any style door and therefore a bottom door sweep must be put in place to redirect the water flow from the door to the foot of the shower and eventually down the drain. In hinge doors, this is done with a simple plastic attachment that is virtually unseeable so as to avoid impacting the seamless glass design. This form of waterproofing is essential in maintaining your shower enclosure and to prevent puddles from forming on your bathroom floor every time you use your shower.


In shower enclosures with frameless door designs, the doors are secured to the wall, utilizing a hinge or a rolling “barn door” mechanism that allows for the door to open and close. In the case of standing showers with a hinged door, the gap where the door meets the stationary glass is also a common trouble spot for leakage and sealing. 


This is when the utilization of a vertical sweep or bulb vinyl attachments can be most effective. Vertical sweeps line the tall length of the glass door and that of the door’s stationary side to create a seal. These vertical sweeps come in a variety of sizes and designs to prevent leaks in all types of shower doors. Some may use a clear plastic stopper which also prevents the door from overextending. Bulb vinyl sweeps tend to be flexible enough to create a seal. As with all frameless glass, caulking is used to prevent leakage that occurs where the glass meets the wall.




Sealing and maintaining your glass shower enclosure is essential to ensuring you create a long, effective shower enclosure design. Shower glass, especially the kind treated with diamond fusion coating by B & L Glass, is excellent at repelling water and prevents the build-up of soap scum and mildew. Glass is easily maintained with common glass cleaner and other mild cleaning products. 


In the case of the door sweeps, these also require some basic maintenance. By nature of catching or deflecting the water flow towards the drain, shower sweeps can become pockets for soap or mildew that over time will begin harboring mold and other gunk. In most designs, door sweeps can be removed to be cleaned and put back in place. Occasionally they may need replacing and can be readily found at most hardware stores.


As always, the experts at B & L Glass are just a phone call away to help you maintain the beauty and functionality of your glass shower enclosures. B & L Glass knows exactly the part you need and what kind of sealing can be used to optimize your custom shower enclosure. Once you build your dream spa, maintaining it for years to come can be as simple as regular cleaning and occasional water leakage testing.