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Multi-panel glass doors are not only unique and aesthetically pleasing, they are also elegantly versatile, serving as both windows and doorways throughout your home. Whether they fold, slide, or pivot, these door systems turn solid walls into light-streaming expanses, enhancing natural views and minimizing obstructions.

Also known as “big doors,” “scenic doors,”­ or simply “multi-panels,” these view-enhancing wonders are made of framed panels of glass that ride on recessed, barefoot-friendly tracks in the floor. When opening, the doors slide gracefully into a pocket in the wall, hidden from view, or fold and stack on either side of the entrance, showcasing the panoramic views beyond.

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If you want to extend your indoors to the outside, a multi-panel glass door might be just what you’re looking for. Scenic doors allow you to easily open up your home, making the garden and pool deck an intimate part of your living room, kitchen or bedroom. By adding multi-panel doors and connecting the outdoor areas you can double your space at a moment’s notice. This expanded usable space adds value to a home which can provide a return on some, if not all, of the cost.

In short, multi-panel doors offer flexibility, unmatched visual performance, and a dynamic, lifestyle-changing home solution, all while protecting you from more than just the elements. Thanks to manufacturer options like insect screens and privacy guards you can enjoy the benefits of wellness and stress relief associated with natural daylight and fresh air, all without the unwanted guests.

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