Elevating Indoor & Outdoor Spaces With Glass Handrails

Enhance Your Views of the Great Outdoors

The stunning views in Napa, Sonoma, and Marin counties are world-class affairs. As you step out onto your deck, the scene that greets you should be one of pure, uninterrupted natural bliss. Moreover, that view should be part of the building itself, beautifully integrated with architecture that makes it a prime feature of your design.

Traditional deck railings use wood or metal to create an obvious and vital safety barrier. They also define the look of an area and play a pivotal role in how the space is perceived. Unlike glass, which allows unfettered visual access, wood and metal create a closed-off feeling of something contained and restricted. That’s not to mention the potential for wood to rot and decay over time, or for metal to corrode, requiring repair and further safeguarding.

With luxurious enhancements like a glass balcony railing, there’s nothing to get in the way. The difference is clear; when you can sit on your deck and clearly see old-growth trees, endless rows of grapes, or an impressive skyline, feeling in tune with your surroundings is no longer an abstract idea. Glass railings respect the view, unifying your space with your natural surroundings. This benefit alone contributes to the immense popularity of glass handrails.

Glass stair railing

Sophisticated Design for a Distinct Interior

Just as they can make an outdoor deck or balcony a seamless part of its environment, glass handrails can add luxury to the great indoors as well. As the open-concept school of home design continues to gain traction, glass plays an increasingly important role in making big designs work, even in smaller interiors where space comes at a premium.

Glass staircase railings make smaller spaces seem larger, while glass accents can draw elements of a room’s interior design together for an enhanced cohesive effect. Combined with the right hardware, your glass railings become a focal complement to the rest of the room. With glass, you can even see straight through your home to the view beyond, boldly taking the idea of “open concept” to the next level.


Luxury glass hand railings in the Bay Area

Elevating Residential & Commercial Spaces Alike

Glass hand railings are in high demand in both residential and commercial settings. Homeowners are drawn to the instant feeling of class these railings bring to their abode, while business owners enjoy an uplifted design that enhances their brand’s prestige. In the North Bay, where scenic views are a key amenity among top restaurants, wineries, lounges, and shopping centers, glass railings bring the customer experience to a whole new level of luxury.

Glass handrails

Is a Glass Handrail System Safe?

Absolutely! There is a misconception among some that glass is not a superior alternative to wood or metal because it is supposedly not strong enough to stand the test of time. The reality is that glass is made from one of the most durable and time-tested materials known to man – silicated sand. Look no further than to the harsh conditions of any desert to know that glass is made from some of the toughest stuff on Earth.

When treated properly, glass will last almost indefinitely. Furthermore, modern glass railing panels are made from a particular type of tempered glass, which is many times stronger than typical glass panes. The industry continues to push forward with new and innovative advancements in even stronger glass, creating durable solutions for modern and future living. Here at B & L, we use only the strongest glass railing panels to ensure that you receive an installation that lasts.

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The Bay’s Leading Specialist in Glass Railings

B & L Glass has proudly supplied a wide range of top-quality glass installations to homeowners, architects, and contractors for more than 60 years. Over many decades of service, we have accrued a wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience in glass handrails and their many advantages. As their popularity continues to rise, we have stayed on the cutting edge of glass handrail design, building strong relationships with suppliers of the highest quality glass available.

Whether your heart is already set on transforming your deck or you’re curious about overhauling your interior aesthetic, our team is well-positioned to guide you to a superior outcome.

Napa glass hand rail installations

Designing Your Perfect Glass Handrailing

Planning a railing system that harmonizes with the rest of your design requires expert insight. Our specialists are ready to help you assess your architecture and find the railing solutions that best enhance its beauty and functionality.

From the start of your initial consultation, you’ll receive unmatched service as your dedicated project manager guides you through the process of exploring design options and making your final product selections. Safety, quality, and aesthetics are equally prioritized, ensuring you get the best performance out of your new railing system. Once installation is ready to commence, we’ll cooperate seamlessly with any contributing contractor, architect, or designer to carry out the build in total sync with the rest of your project.

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