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Proudly Serving Sonoma & Napa Counties

The design and construction of various glass systems in residential and commercial construction is always a challenging balance between thermal performance and aesthetics. B & L Glass brings expertise to local General Contractors, Architects and Owners with our ability to expertly assist in the design of projects’ glass use and ensure their projects meet or exceed thermal performance requirements while also achieving the desired aesthetics.

Complying with the challenging building codes of the North Bay, B & L Glass understands engineering and codes required to meet the seismic and other requirements in California as they pertain to glass systems.

We are very proud of our work in residential and commercial construction and always serve as cooperative and professional members of the design and construction team during all stages of your project.

Transporting glass

Design & Construction Solutions

  • Residential Windows and Doors
  • Commercial Windows & Doors
  • High End Luxury Glass Systems
  • Glass Rail Systems
  • Commercial Storefronts
  • Commercial Doors, Frames & Hardware
  • Insulated Glass
  • Security & Ballistic Glass
  • Motorized Glass Doors
  • Mirrors