view from second floor patio with glass hand rails

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Glass Handrails

Over the years B & L Glass Co has installed hundreds of outdoor glass handrails all around Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties. There are plenty of reasons to add a glass deck to your outdoor space, but we understand these invisible railings may not be perfect for everyone.

That is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of installing a glass handrail around your home deck or office location.

Pros to Installing Glass Handrails Outside

Modern balcony with a clear glass railing overlooking a beautiful city view

Unobstructed Scenic View from Your Deck

Opting to use translucent glass handrails instead of bulky wooden or metal materials around your deck will allow less obstructed views. This will immediately open up your outdoor space to the surrounding beauty of nature.

Add a Sleek Sophisticated Look to Your Deck

A glass handrail offers a minimalist aesthetic with open and simple features. This is an ideal design choice for a modern home or professional business looking to incorporate their scenic surroundings.

The Durability of Glass Handrails

All our handrail systems are installed with tempered glass and stainless steel connectors. Both of these materials have extremely high load capacities, and strength to weight ratios. Your glass deck is also guaranteed to always block the wind while you are relaxing outside and is resistant to all extreme temperatures. 

Cons to Installing Glass Handrails Outside

Unobstructed View From Both Sides

While a lot of people will love the benefit of being able to enjoy the open view and scenic landscapes, this may not be favorable for someone looking to increase their privacy. Just remember that the clear view goes both ways with a glass handrail.

Adding privacy can be fun and easy with a glass handrail deck. Creating a shady corner with some tall plants or bamboo could be exactly what you need to relax in your outdoor space.

glass handrail on outdoor patio

Keeping Your Glass Handrails Clean

To ensure your prized view stays unobstructed, means keeping your outdoor glass handrail clean on the inside and the outside. 

If your tempered glass is coated with our Diamond Fusion protection, it will remain free of damage due to environmental factors, or permanent water spotting, but it is still common for unwanted smudges to appear over time.

Don’t let any visual pollutants obstruct your view from your outdoor glass handrail. Use these tips from our previous blog post on how to “Keep Your Glass Handrails Clean and Clear with Less Effort” to ensure your new architectural addition is clean and safe for years to come.

Installing a Glass Handrail is Not a D.I.Y. Project

To ensure the strength and quality of the glass and metal fixtures you will undoubtedly need to hire a professional to install a glass handrail around your home or place of work. Unlike some backyard projects adding a glass handrail to your space is not a Do-It-Yourself weekend project.

At B & L Glass Co we treat every job with the quality attention and care it deserves, and make sure the job gets done right every time. Our team of glass experts takes pride in our outdoor handrail installations and are excited to help you with your dream project.

Trust B & L Glass Co for Your Glass Handrail Needs

B & L Glass Co has worked with countless Sonoma County homeowners and business owners to fulfill their glass needs, and we’re ready to help you with your new glass handrail deck. If you are interested in installing a glass railing system for your home or business, or have any questions on how to maintain your new railing system, please give us a call or contact us online.