Whether you’re constructing a brand new master bathroom or remodeling an existing bathroom, a new glass shower door is a practical and appealing way to modernize your shower enclosure. The right glass shower door can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom.

That old shower curtain has lost its charm, it’s time to consider a shower door that will keep the water in, provide easy access, and look amazing every time you step into the shower.

Framed vs. Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Framed glass corner shower enclosureFramed doors feature a metal frame around the entire door and come in a variety of different finishes to better match the décor of your bathroom. Framed doors can also better seal in water and steam to prevent leaks outside of the shower.

  • Variety of framing material to match décor
  • Includes track for collecting water
  • Frames add extra support allowing for thinner lighter glass
  • Framed swing doors can only open outward

Frameless doors feature a more modern minimalist design without any frame around the door at all. These doors are typically easier to clean and maintain but may allow more moisture and steam to escape shower enclosure.

  • Through glass mounting
  • Easy to maintain & clean
  • Requires thicker glass for structural integrity
  • Add spacious feel to your bathroom
  • Frameless swing doors can open in & out

Slide, Swing, or Fixed Shower Doors

The specific style of shower door that will work best for your shower depends on the style or design of your shower enclosure. (bathtub shower / stand-alone shower / corner shower)

Sliding framed glass shower doorSliding doors are quite versatile for large and small bathrooms and are typically chosen for bathtub and wide showers.

  • Requires less space to operate
  • Consists of 2 or more panels that slide past one another
  • Ideal for large wide openings like bathtub showers
  • Smooth & quiet action

Swinging frameless glass shower doorSwinging shower doors are ideal for larger bathrooms where there is plenty of room to swing outward like a traditional door. May open inward as well depending on the design of the enclosure. May be sealed to keep steam and water inside.

  • Open from single side outward or inward (depending on design)
  • Ideal for openings too small for sliding door
  • Consists of 1 or 2 panels & can be single or double-hinged
  • Common in stand-alone & corner showers

Fixed glass shower panelFixed stationary panels typically with a single open side for easy shower access. Fixed panels are great for adding style and simplifying your bathroom. Functional and visually appealing.

  • Open, no door design for easy shower access
  • Fixed panels in full or partial sizes
  • Modern design to enhance & simplify shower

Frosted, Clear, & Textured Glass

The type of glass used for your shower door can dramatically change the look and feel of your bathroom. If privacy happens to be a design interest, there are many textures and patterns that may be used.

Frosted shower glassFrosted shower doors are created by etching or sandblasting one side of the panel to create an opaque texture that obscures view but still allows plenty of light to pass through. Frosted glass provides adequate privacy and is available in different colors. It is more difficult to clean than clear glass.

Clear doors look just like ordinary window glass. It is one of the more popular options due to its minimalist appearance and is easy to keep clean. May also be made in a variety of colored tints to accent any bathroom décor.

Textured hammered glassTextured glass shower doors are among the most popular styles. Comes in a variety of textures like rain and hammered glass to give an aesthetic appearance of flowing water or hammered metal. Not as private as frosted glass but not as transparent as clear glass. Easier to clean than frosted glass and hides smudges better than clear. Textured glass holds a nice middle ground that comes in many styles.

Professional Custom Shower Door Installation

Certainly, there are many decisions to make and more than we could list here when selecting a new glass shower door for your new or remodeled bathroom. When it comes to your ideal shower door, is functionality more important than design or are aesthetics your number one priority?

Luckily the custom glass experts at B&L Glass can assist you every step of the way. You determine your preferences and we’ll help you carefully consider the pros and cons to ensure you make the best possible decision. Call or contact us online today! You’ll be singing in your dazzling shower sooner than you thought.