Glass Handrails for Bay Area Homes and Backyards 

view of stairs with glass handrail system

It is no surprise that glass handrails are becoming increasingly popular for Northern California homes. Inside, they can completely transform a room…and with gorgeous views of vineyards, city scapes, and rolling hills, backyards benefit from the full view glass handrails offer.

Whether you are contemplating a renovation or simply want to add some style to your home, a glass handrail system might be a perfect addition. Utilizing glass handrails for staircases, decks, and balconies is a stunning way to improve views and increase the beauty of home interiors and backyards.


Not only can incorporating a glass handrail into home interiors improve the design of a home, it serves several important functions as well.

1) Solid Glass Handrails Provide Safety 

If you have children or pets within a multi-story home, a glass stairway rail will add an element of safety to your staircase. No need to worry about them falling through or getting stuck, as the solid glass panels will provide a barrier for children as they climb and crawl up and down the stairs.

Not only are your children and pets safe from injury around glass handrails, you won’t be chasing after toys and trinkets that happen to fall through. 

2) Brighten Up Rooms in Your Home with a Glass Handrail

If you are dealing with a cramped, dark space, these handrail systems can help to brighten up rooms by absorbing, refracting, and transmitting light. Your views from room to room will increase. These two things will automatically make home interiors seem bigger and brighter. 


Glass handrails are just as stylish and functional in the outside as they are inside of homes. 

3) Glass Handrails Provide Wide Open Views

After installation, your deck or balcony suddenly reveals a view you’ve never been able to fully appreciate. Rolling vineyard views will have your guests’ jaws dropping in Napa and Sonoma Counties — not to mention the ocean, bridges, and other sceneries at hand in so many other parts of California. 

4) They are the Ultimate Windbreaker

Functionally, your new handrail will also work to break the wind while you are relaxing outside. Even on the windiest days, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor balcony or deck.

5) Add a Modern Look to Your Backyard with Glass Handrails

Over time, wooden hand railings can look basic, outdated, and worn down. On the other hand, glass handrail systems are sleek and stylish, standing the test of time. Not only do they add a modern element to your backyard’s design, they are easy to maintain — no routine sanding or staining required. And if you are worried about smudges and smears, do not fear, glass railing systems are a breeze to clean. 

Local Glass Handrail Installation by B & L Glass Company

If you are thinking about a glass handrail for your Northern California home’s interior or exterior, our team at B & L Glass Company is excited to help you with your dream project. We will guide you through the design process, helping you select the glass handrail system best suited for your home. We take pride in our glass installation experience and look forward to bring our clients’ visions to life. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us about installing a glass handrail system in your home today!