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When designing your home with both luxury and practicality in mind, B & L Glass offers the most expansive and versatile array of glass doors designs in Santa Rosa, and all of Sonoma and Napa Counties. Our sliding glass doors are quality made from high-end materials and are highly customizable to ensure that your glass doors are perfectly crafted to fit any room or space. By integrating luxury glass into your home design, you combine high-end appeal with functionality and durability, with the glamour and style of glass guiding the design the entire way.

Today, glass doors come in a wide variety of styles, but one of the most popular and sought-after designs is the sliding glass door.

Sliding glass doors give your home the visual appearance of a wall of windows and have therefore become increasingly popular in more modern, minimalist designs. The full sightlines featured with a wall of glass offer additional light into your entryway while also creating a clean unobstructed view of your garden, patio, or veranda. Further, glass sliding glass doors are easy to use, and even simpler to integrate into your architectural design.

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Sliding Glass Doors Design

The sliding glass door is a relatively simple, but utterly efficient and beautiful design that makes the most of space, light, and the aesthetic appeal of luxury glass.

In its most basic form, our sliding glass doors consist of two large panels of B & L custom glass set side by side in a strong frame. Glass panels are made from high quality custom cut glass with a standard measurement of 5-6 feet in width and can range from 9-10 feet and upwards in height. A variety of specific types of glass can be integrated into the paneling including low E-glass for reduced energy costs and enhanced sustainability or tempered glass for additional protection against accidental trips and falls.

When opening and closing, one glass door remains stationary while the second panel slides easily along a track running in front of the stationary panel. This entry method design allows for double the amount of bright, sunny exposure in comparison to a single glass door while still maintaining the same functional and elegant entryway.

By nature of being set within a sliding frame, the sliding glass door takes up a very small footprint in the architectural design of the house. Traditional swinging doors, which open inward, often make traffic patterns difficult and limit the furnishing options near the entryway. However, sliding glass doors are self-contained and require next to no clearance when opening and closing.

The design of sliding glass doors can be easily customized for hardware, color design, glass color and style, sustainability, or safety and interior shades can also be easily integrated to address privacy concerns or assist in controlling levels of light exposure.


The Style of a Sliding Glass Door

There are plenty of reasons to select a sliding glass door for your home, but one of the greatest appeals of this style is the large, unobstructed views created by the double panelled design. By integrating two large panels of custom glass, the sliding glass door allows considerably more light to enter your home and gives a more expansive and clearer view of the great outdoors.

Today, home styles are increasingly gravitating towards integrating more exposure to the outside world while also maintaining the privacy and comfort of interior living. Sliding glass doors create a bridge to the outdoors while building a beautiful view for you and your family to enjoy while situated safely and comfortably inside. If your luxury property is situated on gorgeous land, all the more reason to enjoy it from every angle with the expanse and versatility of sliding glass doors.

Architecturally, glass doors are a striking detail for your home and are therefore the perfect design to ensure your home makes a strong statement Further, the sleek and clear design featured with premium custom glass can work within a wide variety of varying home styles, translating effortlessly within design such as Scandinavian, industrial modern, farmhouse and colonial architecture.

With ease of use and versatility, these luxury glass door designs blend indoor architecture with outdoor living space, thereby extending the footprint of livable space in your property and building a sense of class, style and dignity in your entryways.

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Types of Sliding Glass Doors

Over the centuries, various types of sliding glass doors have come to fruition to address the constantly evolving needs of high design and architectural styles all across the globe. Simply put, there’s something for every design and your sliding glass doors are as customizable as you could ever want.

Today, sliding doors come in a variety of patterns and styles, all of which can enhance the existing design in different ways while also offering additional functionality boosts to your space. In their base design, sliding glass doors already offer the benefit of reduced footprint and clearance space, but even within the world of sliding glass doors, there are plethora of choices available to help you perfectly match the specific needs of your current home.


Sliding Glass Patio Doors

The standard design of sliding glass patio doors utilizes two panes of glass that are situated to sit within a sturdy frame. A track is mounted into the entryway so that the active pane of glass or “the door” is able to slide past the stationery or inactive pane of glass. These dual panes offer more light than a single door can offer and the sliding mechanism eliminates the need for additional square footage for swing clearance when opening.


Sliding Glass French Doors

Sliding glass French doors mimic the design benefits of standard french doors by offering a double door opening. When integrated into the sliding glass door model, the french door aesthetic can be achieved by placing two sets of doors side by side, mirroring the pattern of the stationary and functioning door. When both doors are set in the open position, the active doors slide in their tracks to overlap with the stationary doors.

This allows for a double open french door design while also creating space for the doors to seamlessly slide open in a grand entryway. In the closed position, both active doors remain kissing side by side, leaving a wide wall of windowed glass that provides ample light and creates a clear sightline into the yard or property.



Multi-Panel Stacking Sliding Glass Doors

If you are looking for even more open space and clearance, multi-panel stacking glass doors are specifically designed to create a wide-open entry with little to no boundaries or partitions.

With multi-panel stacking sliding glass doors, multiple panels of glass are set in a track that runs along with the ceiling and floor of your home entryway. When closed, the doors create a wall of glass that serves to illuminate the view from within. When open, they slide effortlessly along the track and stack one in front of the other, neatly off to one side and out of the traffic path of your room.

With stacking sliding glass doors, you can easily blend indoor and outdoor living with the simple slide of a door, making for a more expansive and impressive entryway to your home.



Pocket Sliding Glass Doors

Pocket sliding doors are similar to stackable sliding glass doors in terms of design as both styles utilize multipaneled style glass and a track inset at your home’s entryway. With the multipaneled design, it is now possible for a wall of glass doors to build a sense of division and boundaries within a room while also providing unobstructed views.

However, with the pocket sliding glass door design, you also have the option to disappear and stack your sliding glass doors into a wall’s cavity when set in an open position.

To implement, the architecture of the wall utilized must bear the proper height, width and depth needed for all panels to stack one on top of one another and certain structural issues must be addressed by professionals to ensure proper operation. While this can appear to be a slight engineering challenge, with a little planning you can enjoy a seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining space with a vanishing glass wall hidden in the pocket of your walls, making for a one of a kind illusion and an aesthetic style that is unique and exciting.




Materials of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors can be designed from a variety of different materials, each type bearing different functional assets, costs and aesthetic considerations. While the benefits vary greatly within each design, professionals like the experts at B & L Glass of Santa Rosa are always here to help you parce through the landscape of options and decide on a design and style that best suits your home’s architectural needs.



Wood Sliding Glass Doors

Wood is known for its stability as it is a material inherently sturdy and heavy in weight. Wood makes for a solid and durable base when used within a sliding glass door design and can be a smart choice for bridging indoor and outdoor living as wood is relatively reliant to temperature changes.

From an aesthetic standpoint, wood can work suitably within both contemporary and traditional designs and can integrate a variety of customizable options such as style, wood-staining, structure profile, and hardware. While wood makes a versatile and practical choice for any home, it also adds a sense of warmth and classic feel while delivering a striking focal point for any entryway.




Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors

Aluminum offers high durability but also bears a great amount of flexibility and versatility. Easily customizable, aluminum frames can be specifically designed to fit nearly any design or entryway. Used often within modern home designs, aluminum utilizes a contemporary feel and easily fits within multiple architectural styles and interior design styles. Due to its resilience and flexibility, aluminum provides a virtually maintenance-free product and can be expected to last for many years to come.



Fiberglass Sliding Glass Doors

Fiberglass Doors are weather resistant and durable, even within multiple types of environments.  Virtually maintenance free, fiberglass and fiberglass composite sliding glass doors seldom deteriorate and therefore very rarely require any maintenance of repair. Fiberglass also features the added benefit of thermal resistance as well as protection against shipping or warping in even the most punishing of climates, both hot and cold. Fiberglass is also flexible in design and can be seamlessly combined with wood designs.



Customizations for Luxury Sliding Glass Doors

With each of the types of glass doors, there are endless ways to customize your sliding glass door design. From heightened safety and security, to reduced energy costs and stylistic designs, each luxury glass door design can be individually crafted to fit the needs of the space.



Blinds and shades

Blinds and shades can be a necessity for homeowners and designers looking to build an extra measure of privacy and versatility. Many designs offer the ability to integrate internal shades between the panes of glass.

While these shades and blinds are perfect for providing additional privacy, they also serve to block out additional sunlight on particularly sunny or oppressively hot days, deflecting additional heat and ensuring that your indoor space is kept cool at all times. With internal blinds held between the glass panes of a sliding glass door, you no longer have to worry about obstructing access or clunky door operation with blinds and shades.



Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is one of the most sought-after types of glass for sustainability minded homeowners and those invested in lowering their energy costs. Low-E glass helps to block out the oppressive UV and infrared rays of outside sunlight while allowing all the brilliance of visible light to enter the home through the glass door. Further, low-E glass prevents interior heating and cooling to escape through the glass which brings the additional benefit of lowering heating and cooling bills while also making a sizable impact on the environment.



Hardware and other finishing’s

Sliding glass doors boast plenty of room for customization to ensure that your design is uniquely yours. From the individuality of the frame itself to detail of the knobs and hardware selected, these specific styles and designs can make your sliding glass door a focal point in your home which in turn enhances the architecture and the interior design of your home.

Hardware options can be colored to match your paint scheme or any existing hardware in the home and nickel, silver, gold plated, or matte black finishes can all be integrated to add the finishing touches to your sliding glass door design.



Cost of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are considered a premium design feature for a variety of reasons. Their utility and functionality alongside the additional light exposure features and design elements make them both aesthetically striking and a practically advantageous design choice in nearly any interior design style.

Sliding glass door costs vary widely by the design. A wall of highly customized glass will inevitably cost more than a traditional inset framed sliding glass entry door. The national average ranges from approximately 3,000-5,000 dollars for both the product and installation of premium sliding glass doors.



Luxury Sliding Glass Doors with B & L Glass

Luxury sliding glass doors make for an impressive and sleek addition to any home and can serve as a functional way to elegantly connect the beauty of the outdoors to the comfort and warmth of your family’s indoor space.

When it comes to installing, selecting, and maintaining your sliding glass doors, you are going to want to enlist the additional help of custom glass specialists like the professionals at B & L Glass. As the premier custom glass specialists of Santa Rosa and all of Sonoma County, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in selecting the perfect glass door options to meet the specifics of your home.

For us, glasswork is more than just our occupation, it’s our passion. Serving our amazing high-end clients in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County will forever be our top priority, and ensuring that you have the perfect sliding glass doors to match the individuality and excellence of your home comes second to none.

If you are ready to learn more about the landscape of high-end sliding glass doors options available at B & L Glass, give us a call at 707-285-9973 or use our online contact form. We are ready and available to serve your custom luxury glass needs.

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