Luxury Glass Windows and Doors

Glass windows and doors are an elegant solution for showcasing the value and aesthetic mastery of your home. At B & L Glass, we understand it is the design details that truly make a home luxurious

When surveying the marketplace of luxury glass windows and doors, there are many factors you will want to consider as you plan your ideal architectural design; the materials you will utilize, the style of design you integrate, and how your team will effectively install your newly acquired luxury glass windows and doors. 

 luxury doors - santa rosa caTo implement this to perfection, you are going to want a team of professionals to assist you throughout the process. In Northern California and beyond, there’s no team more trusted in the landscape of designer, luxury glass than B & L Glass. For projects, both great and small, our specialists are always available and prepared to provide you with the inspiration and logistically planning necessary to bring your most inspired designs to life. 

In any home, professional studio, commercial space or other property, properly selected and installed windows and glass created an air of confidence while highlighting a clean and elegant design. By utilizing the effortless quality of natural light, and the modern design of full view windows, our glass solutions fulfill both functionality needs and aesthetic beauty in one luxurious design.

As you begin your journey of procuring and installing the perfect glass window and door design for your luxury home, we hope you will use the below outline to guide you through all of the many possibilities in the world of window and glass door design. The specialists at B & L Glass have the expertise and the knowledge to walk you through the wide selection of window and glass options and can customize the perfect solution for your specific space. If there’s one thing we have learned from our many years of high quality, consistent service, it’s that no two spaces or design are alike.

That’s why at B & L Glass we offer a multitude of possibilities to match your precise luxury glass designs. The world of luxury glass windows and doors is as wide as your imagination and we understand that crafting the perfect solution takes expertise, experience, and exceptional quality. 

Let’s explore together the exciting world of luxury glass windows and doors. 



When executed to perfection with luxury and class in mind, glass doors have the ability to bring the natural beauty and freedom of the outside world into the confines of your home. Glass doors become a seamless veil that simultaneously separates your garden or veranda from the cozy comforts of your home while also building a sense of connection and flow between the two spaces. 

A glass door, while a seemingly simple design, optimizes your property and enables you to take advantage of climate control options without sacrificing on your view, your sunshine, your property, or your architectural design. Whether you are looking to upgrade your existing home design with something more modern, or whether you’d like to add a new door addition that fits into a colonial or heritage aesthetic, our luxury glass options allow you to marry modernism and luxury with functionality and traditionalism. 

Here are a few simple and elegant ways in which a glass door can highlight the natural qualities of a room, enable quick and easy entry, and stylishly bring more light into your home from the great outdoors. 


Swing Doors

Swing doors are generally considered the most classic traditional classification of door and consist of handles, fixtures, and hardware which allow them to open away from the door frame with a swinging motion either in or out. 

Within the world of swing doors, specializations can include french doors, pivot doors or even multi-fold doors. With any of these designs, the door will generally be comprised of one large plane of glass that is inset into a frame. Depending on the design, this glass can vary from one single pane that measures directly to the dimensions of a traditional door or can be broken down into multiple, customized panes of glass which enables room for specific luxury designs. 

For customers looking to bring a classic and luxurious look to their home, swing doors are a simple and elegant way to create a traditional feel and aesthetic. Further, the intuitive and functional nature of swing doors makes for a simple and dependable door option while also leaving considerable room for customization to bring extra spice to an otherwise traditional design. Hardware can easily be added to any swing door for further design elements or stylistic concerns and installation and maintenance is relatively simple and inexpensive within the world of customized, luxury doors. 


Traditional Swing

Traditional swing doors most resemble a basic door in that they utilize a hinge mechanism to open and a frame that allows for hardware to connect directly to the wall. These doors designs are easily customizable and therefore can be made to fit nearly any door design. A single pane of glass is both functional in terms of space and square footage while also optimizing the light and openness that gives glass doors their air of elegance and style. 


French Doors

French Doors are comprised of two mirroring doors that meet in the center of the frame, kissing at the middle point where the hardware is positioned. Handles are then installed in the center of the door to create an opening function. With french doors, both doors function equally and can be opened to swing both out or in. 

The additional perk of a French door design is the additional width and space created at the door’s opening. French doors can also be altered to utilize double the capacity of a traditional swing door or can be made slimmer, so that when doubled side by side the french door design offers a more illustrious and spacious entryway.


Pivot doors 

No matter how they are used, pivot doors become an instant focal point and therefore are a fantastic option for anyone looking to make an immediate impression with their entryway point. 

Pivot doors are custom designed and pivot on an interior joint to allow for the largest amount of space for entry, while also minimizing the swing space needed for such a door. Because a pivot door does not swing on an interior hinge, pivot doors both maximize clearance space while also optimizing the size of the door frame. A pivot door frame can be custom built to nearly any size and as such, made to conform to any design or architecture. 


Folding doors

Folding doors come in a variety of sizes and dimensions and can be customized to fit almost any design. Folding doors, much like pivot doors optimize the space and openness of entry, while also minimizing the amount of space that must be allowed for the clearance of a swinging door. Bi-fold, tri-fold, and other folding doors function as multiple components within a chain of doors, all of which are supported by hinges on a track. This hinge preserves the path of each glass pane and allows for maximum open entry space. 

Folding doors can also serve as a wall of windows to create a fully open design. In the instance, the folding door design consists of several panes of glass which fold into themselves like an accordion, conserving space for the entryway and allowing for large, impact window design.


Sliding Doors


Traditional Sliding Doors

Traditional sliding doors utilize a track system to effortlessly open and close. Sliding glass doors glide with ease and take up the least amount of space as they do not require the clearance area traditionally required for a swinging glass door system. 

Sliding doors integrate two panes of glass in a side by side design, where one is an active door and the other exists as a stationary window. Utilizing the sliding mechanism, the glass door glides along the track covering the secondary glass pane, similar to the ergonomics of a double-paned glass system. The traditional sliding door design is therefore a streamlined option for a luxury design, and is easy to utilize in a variety of spaces. 


Multi-pane Sliding Doors 

Multi-pane sliding glass doors give the elegance of a wall of windows and the full functionality of a wall of doors. A multi-pane sliding door can be customized to include multiple sections or panes of glass which can all be staggered and integrated to lay on top of one another when fully opened. When fully extended, this system can be designed to stretch the entire width of a room. 

Multi-pane sliding doors require a wider track as there are multiple panes of glass to integrate onto the track. This means the frame will generally be wider than the track used for the glass. However, many modern designs have created workarounds for this issue, making the frame hardly noticeable while offering a strong secure design for the glass to move effortlessly. 





Casement Windows

Casement Windows are among the most recognizable of window design and offer consistent structural integrity that can withstand the test of both time and weather. 

Available in a variety of styles and designs, casement windows are both versatile and functional. The most common design point featured in casement windows is the frame which is utilized to secure the windows. This frame can be made of a variety of materials and are sets into the wall to secure the glass. Casement windows can be made with wood, aluminum or even steel to fix your beautiful glass design into the architecture of your home and bring specific design elements to light through the choice of material. 

On a functional level, casement windows have three main functions that create the opening mechanism. It is important to select a design that will fit your home style, and also can utilize the materials that you’d like to use. 


The Three Main Designs of Casement Windows: 

Crank out: Crank out windows utilize a knob or a lever to twist and crank the window open. A few easy turns of the lever and your window is now open, allowing fresh air in for you to enjoy. With a crank out design, windows are secured so that they are sturdy enough to remain in position while opened. 

Push out: Push out windows are easily opened by utilizing a simple unlocking mechanism and pressing out or in on the frame of the glass. The window can then be opened wide which allows air freely flow in and out of the room, and the same motion is then used to re-secure and lock the panels.

In-swing: This method allows for the window to open in an inward motion and tends to fit a more traditional design. In-swing casement windows utilize hinges to adjust their degree of openness and are then secured with a lever or a lock. Because these windows open towards the interior of the room, they do require enough open square footage for clearance. 


Awning Windows

Awning windows open from the bottom of the frame and provide ventilation, ample light, and ease of use. Awning windows allow you to keep windows open, even when the weather is damp or misty. Much like casement windows, awning windows can also utilize a crank out or push out design. 


Crank Out Windows

Much like in casement windows, a crank out awning window also utilizes a knob or lever to create the window opening. However, in the awning design, crank out windows hold the window in place and keep the base-wide open. 

Push out: Push out windows are easily opened by simply unlocking the window lock and pressing on the frame of the glass. Once open to the desired position, the window is secured in a locked position maintaining the open bottom awning position.


Double Hung Windows

For some, double-hung windows are considered the most traditional of windows designs. But today, double-hung windows have been modernized to integrate more options and customization flexibility. 

Double-hung windows can be engineered to work with nearly every design style and can be framed with a wide variety of materials. Double-hung windows can be locked and unlocked for security and can be slid open from the base.

The opening mechanism of a double-hung window requires that the glass panes slide past one another requiring no interior clearance constraints for opening and very few moving parts. Double-hung windows are easily weather adapted and energy-optimized and can be used as a base for more intricate concepts such as cathedral style windows, adding functionality to an otherwise intricate design. 


Fixed Windows, Window Walls and Specialty Designs

Window walls, fixed windows, and other specialty shapes and designs can make a huge statement in any architectural design and are intended primarily for aesthetic purposes and design impact. They are nonetheless important and require the same quality glass design, durability, and precision that is standard in all B & L Glass windows.

Window walls create the appearance of seamless indoor to outdoor living while simultaneously keeping the inside cool, bug-free and clean. With window walls, you create a beautiful frame around the natural picture of the great outdoors, making nature itself the focal point of your home. 

Fixed windows, while not intended to be opened or have movement, are great for letting in light, and for design and architecture. Without the ergonomics of opening, these designs are therefore capable of integrating more unusual shapes and designs. Without the constant movement and mobility required of other windows, fixed windows are an opportunity for creative use of glass and other materials. 

Specialty designs include round windows, stained glass windows, and other unusual designs.

The specialists at B & L Glass are prepared to help design, implement, and install any and all specialty glass designs. 


Window and Door Materials

While an important factor, glass is only one element of any window or door design. When starting the design process, picking your materials is of the utmost importance. If you are seeking a lasting design that will not only bring a sense of luxury and class to your home but also boost additional value to your property, careful selection of materials will become critical in ensuring you make the most out of a window or door upgrade.


Wood Windows & Doors

Though not often considered the most durable or modern of materials for luxury windows and doors, the landscape of wood options has grown considerably of late and is a fantastic option for a homeowner looking to create a sense of rustic elegance in their home. Further, wood framing for doors and windows gives the buyer a large variety of options as wood paneling comes in a wide range of species, finishes, and distressing techniques.

From rustic oak to a walnut finish, the options available are as vast as nature itself.

With a strong wood frame for your luxury door and window, you can now integrate a classic, rustic feel with the durability and practicality of modern design and create a home that is uniquely reflective of your individual style. 


Aluminum Windows & Doors 

Aluminum is a much-desired material to integrate into a luxury window and door design as it is sleek, strong, flexible, and also recyclable. A versatile material, aluminum can be made to mold into virtually any shape and also can be processed in a large variety of colors so as to perfectly match your home’s design aesthetic. 

Further, aluminum bears a natural resistance to corrosion, meaning the material can weather even the harshest of conditions and weather patterns and making it a key selection for luxury homes situated in locations with severe climates and conditions. 

For homeowners looking to minimize upkeep costs and efforts, the strength of aluminum makes the material virtually maintenance-free, therefore boosting the investment value of the material over time. 


Steel Windows & Doors

Today, steel framing for luxury windows and doors is considered the gold standard for modern, minimalist design. The strength of steel requires minimal usage to maintain structural integrity, resulting in a sturdy frame that also features slender sightlines for aesthetics and open views. 

Steel frame windows and doors harken back to the industrial era of design but can be integrated now into a wide variety of styles and concepts such as modern farmhouse, urban modern and other contemporary architectural designs. 

The durability of steel creates a framing system that is resistant to weather, fire, and other elements and can be galvanized in a zinc coating to prevent corrosion and other damage. Unlike wood, steel frames do not contract and warp when exposed to rain and other natural elements and therefore are structurally sound and consistent material. 


Integrating a luxury glass design is a simple and effective way to add a sense of class and elegance to your home. For luxurious home design, windows and doors are a prime space to showcase the quality and craftsmanship of high-caliber glass while creating the opportunity to integrate a wide variety of customizations and specifications that makes your home feel uniquely you.

However, the selection of high-quality materials and proper installation is critical in ensuring that your investment in luxury glass is fully optimized.

The professionals at B & L Glass are uniquely qualified to serve the aesthetic and functional needs of our high-end clients in Santa Rosa. With years of industry experience, superior results and consistent professionalism- B & L Glass is here to ensure that your luxury glass needs are met with the highest caliber of quality and standards in mind.

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