Interiors can often feel a bit closed in and cloistered, especially in smaller residential or commercial spaces with numerous rooms. One method for creating a feeling of space and openness is to make use of clear or frosted glass walls, panels, and dividers.

Another effective way to “enlarge” most rooms is to install a wall mirror. This type of mirror can cover a large portion of a wall or run from floor to ceiling to create a virtual mirrored wall. By adding a wall mirror in a smaller space, you can draw light into the room and create a sense of enlargement of the space.

In fact, wall mirrors are highly versatile additions to most any structure.


Considering Mirrors and Installation

Most mirrors are composed of a thin layer of metal that has been applied to a sheet of adhesion. For most mirror products, this means they are manufactured by silvering or spraying a thin layer of silver or aluminum onto the back of a sheet of glass.

While there are acrylic mirrors for large areas like gym or studio walls, high-quality wall mirrors are typically made with lead-free, low-iron glass. This material provides the clearest reflective capability and is free of distortions.

However, because of the relatively large size of glass being used, it is very important to have any mirrored wall installed professionally. It is both unsafe and unwise to have an untrained installer attempt this task, and you certainly don’t want to do this yourself. It can be more than an irritation to have the mirror come loose, become unstable over time or, worse, suddenly slide off and break.

Gym mirrors are typically installed in areas with high activity. As a result, most professionals will opt for wall mirrors with thicker glass, often ¼ inch thick, and are stronger than standard mirror glass. These are then glued to the wall with a special process that prevents any cracked pieces of glass of falling if accidental breakage occurs.

Another popular application of large, wall mirrors is the frameless mirror. This is usually a mirror cut to a custom size and glued to the wall with a specially formulated mirror adhesive. These types of mirrors blend into the wall surface and are often installed on columns, restroom walls, bar elevations and other high-traffic areas.


Common Types of Wall Mirror Installations


Mirrored Walls for Gyms

There is a good reason for gym wall mirrors and it has nothing to do with vanity. According to one expert,

“Gyms have mirrors so that the people can check and improve their form/technique if necessary when looking at the mirror while performing the exercise. Looking at the muscles involved during the exercise helps focus on the contraction and improves the mind-muscle connection.”


This underscores both the practical value of wall mirrors in a gym setting and making use of professional installation service for these products.


Mirrors for Home Gyms

Prefer to work out at home? By adding a wall mirror for the room in your home that you want to work out in, you can transform it into a professional-looking home gym. And adding a wall mirror for your home gym provides great value by “enlarging” the room and improving your workout.


Ballet Studio Wall Mirrors

LIke fitness gyms, ballet studios have traditionally used wall mirrors, as well. In fact, it is not unusual for many studios to have as many as three entire walls covered with mirrored glass. And, in many ways, having a clear and unobstructed view for budding ballerinas is even more critical than for the average fitness gym member.


Martial Arts Studio Mirrors

Wall mirror solutions for martial arts studios and dojos are essential for students and instructors. In fact, for many, the dojo wall mirrors are considered training tools. Along with high-quality glass for a clear and undistorted reflection, these mirrors need to be secure and safe. Unlike a ballet studio, the likelihood of accidental breakage is greater in a dojo.


Residential Wardrobe Mirrors

A popular upgrade in many homes is improving on the traditional wardrobe mirror is a partial wall mirror. This not only makes the wardrobe look larger, but it also enhances the room’s lighting. In fact, most rooms can benefit greatly with some type of mirror installed.


Bedroom Wall Mirrors

A variation on the wardrobe mirror is to simply install a wall mirror on one wall of your bedroom. This will add to the functionality of the wall space while accomplishing the same aesthetic. In addition, a wall mirror in a bedroom will create a sense of enlargement and light.


Professional Wall Mirror Installation or a DIY Approach?

Because of the sheer size, weight, and bulk of wall mirrors, and the complexity of proper installation, it is an easy choice, really.

Here are a few reasons to choose the professional installation of your wall mirror:


  • Prevent installation damage

A professional will know how to avoid scratching the glass, chipping, or breaking the frame or dropping it.

  • Ensure secure mounting

A professional knows which mirror installation techniques work best for different walls and mirrors.

  • Get the best hanging technique

Professionals have access to a variety of mounting materials that are more secure and more attractive than common DIY options.

  • Protect your safety

A professional has the tools and know-how necessary to handle a heavy mirror easily, so there’s little risk to you and your helpers.


Professional Wall Mirror Installation with B&L Glass

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