How to Maximize Your Home’s Square Footage with Luxury Doors 

Integrating luxury glass doors into your house design is a simple and elegant way to boost the value of your property while adding an extra layer of craftsmanship, upscale design, and class to your home. By investing in luxury glass doors, you are investing in the crucial details of architectural design that make a home stand out as high quality and individualistic.

What’s more, an investment in luxury glass doors can also lead to practical improvements for your home, especially when attempting to maximize square footage and build spaces that are open, comfortable and spacious for your family and guests. Today, there are a wide range of options available in terms of style and design for custom glass doors, many of which can assist you in maximizing your square footage while also integrating high caliber design elements.

Ultimately, when it comes to selecting, installing and maintaining luxury glass doors, the sky’s the limit. In today’s market you can have both high quality design and functionality all in one, and experts like the professionals at B&L Glass are specifically trained to guide you through the process and ensure that your glasswork is integrated to only the highest of standards.

Maximizing Your Square Footage 

In the modern market of luxury glass door designs, there are many options available to ensure that you are making the best choices for your specific space, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Different opening mechanisms and materials can be utilized to make your home ergonomically functional and to maximize the amount of livable space within your home’s square footage.

To understand how to utilize luxury glass doors to boost your home’s usable square footage, it is critical to understand the landscape of available design options. By understanding the variety of options available, you can make the best choice to match the specific requirements of your property.

Types of Luxury Glass Doors for Maximizing Square Footage 

Glass Doors

Glass doors come in a wide range of styles, many of which are integrated specifically to enhance certain elements of your home such as square footage, light enhancement and ease of entry. If optimizing square footage is the main goal for your current project, you will want to consider utilizing specific styles of glass doors to either eliminate the “clearance” or opening space necessary for traditional doors. 

Further, glass doors can be used to give a boost to your usable square footage by integrating outdoor living space with a clean, simple entryway that leads from your interior to your garden or veranda.

Swing Doors

Swing doors are the industry standard for luxury glass doors and are considered the most traditional option in terms of design and aesthetics. For functionality, a swing door consists of a simple handle, fixture, and hardware which allows the door to open with a swinging motion either in or out. 

If the swing space and clearance required for a traditional swing door is not a concern, multiple swinging glass doors can make a lovely entryway to a patio, garden, or veranda.

However, If you have a tight corner where clearance is a consideration, swing doors may not be the most optimal choice for your design as they require a larger footprint and therefore does not make the most of existing square footage. 


French Doors

French doors are an expansion of the traditional swing door, utilizing many of the same principles. French doors however consist of two mirroring doors that meet in the middle of the frame, kissing at the point where the hardware is positioned. Handles are then placed on the center of the door to create the opening mechanism. 

Considerations for clearance is of particular concern with this style as the doors opening mechanism required additional square footage.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are a type of custom door design that utilizes a pivot function on the interior of the door, allowing for the largest amount of entry space, while also minimizing the amount of space required for the swinging mechanism. Because a pivot door does not swing on an interior hinge, pivot doors both maximize clearance space while also optimizing the size of the door frame.

If you prefer the aesthetics of a traditional swing door but lack additional square footage for clearance, this is a prime option as pivot doors include many of the same design elements while also making the most out of every ounce of usable space in your home. 

Folding Doors 

Folding doors come in a variety of sizes and dimensions and can be customized to fit almost any design. Folding doors, much like pivot doors, optimize the space and openness of an entry, while also minimizing the amount of space which must be allowed for clearance of a swinging door. 

The opening mechanism of folding doors works much like an accordion. Bi-fold, tri-fold and other types of folding doors work together like a chain- creating a grand open entryway and allowing for maximum clearance space, resulting in a clean and efficient throughway and a unique design that can make your home stand out from the crowd. 


Traditional Sliding Doors and Multi-Pane Sliding Doors 

Traditional sliding doors utilize a track system to effortlessly open and close. Sliding glass doors glide with ease and take up the least amount of space as they do not require the clearance area traditionally required for a swinging glass door system. Opting for this style of luxury glass door requires the least amount of usable square footage while creating an open and seamlessly entryway for your home.

A sliding glass door can integrate multiple panes of glass to create the image of a full wall of glass. Visually, this is a striking and complementary design for a home as it serves to feature stunning landscape views of the outdoors and frames the picturesque beauty of your space. 


Optimizing Your Square Footage With Luxury Glass From B&L Glass

Expert designers understand that proper door selection helps with traffic flow and other logistical considerations in your home design. But a door can also enhance light and air flow, and therefore many homeowners today are utilizing luxury glass doors in place of traditional style windows or double hung windows to build a bridge between the beauty of the outdoors and the comfort of your home’s interior. 


One of the most enjoyable parts of living in regions such as California or other temperate environments is the ability to seamlessly transition between interior square footage and functional outdoor patio living space.

When optimizing square footage in your home, there is no need to sacrifice luxury or class in your design. Specialists like the professionals at B&L glass can assist you in selecting the perfect luxury glass option to boost the value and aesthetics of your home while making the most of your usable square footage. 

If you are ready to learn more about the varieties and styles of luxury glass doors available, give us a call at 707-285-9038 or use our online contact form to begin the conversation today.