Steel Doors vs Wood Doors: Which is the Right Door For You?

How much thought do you give to your front door? For the average person, the answer is often “not much.” Even so, your front door serves many important purposes beyond behind a simple barrier. It contributes to the energy efficiency of your home by preventing climate-controlled air from escaping, for example. More importantly, it defines the visual impact of the front of your home — hence the popularity of luxury doors. However, less expensive materials such as steel have taken over in many homes. When it comes to steel vs wood doors, how do they stack up against one another? Are wood doors the best investment for your home, or should you still take a strong look at steel doors? Breaking down the pros and cons of each is the best way to arrive at an answer.


Steel Doors Do Have Some Advantages

Many homeowners are surprised to discover how many properties have steel doors. From the outside, they can look very similar to some types of wood doors with clever painting or finishing techniques. Some steel doors with glass in their design exist, but these options are typically not very customizable. The primary benefits of steel come from its value and its thermal properties. Steel doors are much less expensive than other options due to the easy manufacturing and materials used. Steel is also better for insulating the home and keeping cold or warm air inside, according to the US Department of Energy.


What Are the Drawbacks of Using Steel for Your Door?

While steel doors might help knock a few dollars off your monthly utility bills, there are several drawbacks to consider before choosing this option. Durability, for example, is a major challenge with these doors. How could that be, you might wonder, if it is a metal? Such doors are not solid metal; they often have a hollow cavity inside. The actual material is typically quite thin. As a result, steel doors suffer damage more easily —from dents and divots to scrapes and scratches that expose the metal surface and potentially cause rust. That’s not to mention that steel doors simply do not look as authentic as real wood.


Why So Many People Still Love Wood Doors

Though it has some drawbacks too, solid wood doors remain popular and for good reason. The traditional option since time immemorial, today’s wood doors continue a history of stunning craftsmanship. Wood doors not only have more visual options available in terms of design and staining, but they can also easily accommodate custom glasswork. Creating a front door that lets in just the right amount of light in the morning or evening is easy to do when working with wood. Such doors are also more robust, not to mention easier to repair. A quick sanding and restaining can make a wood door look brand new again.


Are There Problems to Know About with Wood?

That’s not to say that there aren’t issues to be aware of with wood doors, too. We’ve already mentioned that they are not as good as steel as maintaining the energy efficiency of a home, but seasonal changes can impact your door, too. As a natural material, wood tends to expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature. If not properly fitted, a swollen door becomes difficult to open in the summer, while contraction might leave gaps around the edges in the winter. If not treated properly, wood doors can sometimes allow for mold or moss to grow as a result of moisture penetration.


Weighing Your Options

Which is best for your home? The simplest way to answer that question is to look at your budget, evaluate your goals, and consider all the different door solutions out there. For homeowners who want to achieve a look of luxury that reflects their tastes, however, it is clear that wood offers more options, especially when you want to include glass in the design. While there are some luxury doors made of other materials, you will have the simplest time finding what you want in wood.


Consider Your Preferences & Choose What’s Right for Your Home

There are many times when you should opt for steel doors; their cost-effectiveness makes them a good choice when you’re on a strict budget. However, for those who have more opportunities to explore solutions for luxury doors that fit in perfectly with your home’s aesthetic, it is hard to overstate how much better a choice wood provides. From their excellent durability to the immense number of ways you can choose to customize them with glass, wood doors are an all-around fantastic choice. In the debate between steel vs. wood doors, wood is more likely to come out on top. Which one will you choose?