Modern Interior Glass Door Designs

Typically, when we think glass doors, we think of doors that face outward to the exterior of the home. A front door with an intricately cut-glass design might come to mind, or of sliding glass doors that exit out onto the backyard or patio. Yet thinking of them only in this way is a very limited way to view glass door design. What about bringing them further into the home for use as interior doors?

Modern glass doors fulfill this purpose. With both classic and new designs reinterpreted through a contemporary lens, there are many ways to use these doors to achieve a brilliant effect. What should you know about what’s possible with today’s luxury doors?


Why Use Interior Doors Made From Glass?

Why not stick with traditional doors? Why go with glass? You don’t need to switch every door in your space to one that contains glass; some should certainly remain solid for the sake of privacy. There are, however, many advantages to choosing modern glass doors to be a part of interior design. For example, in a home with many other luxury touches, doors with some glass enhance the effect of your other interior-decorating efforts. The wide variety available in interior glass door design also means you have no shortage of options. A better question might be: why stick with the same boring doors you’ve always used when you can enhance the appeal of your home?


Maintain an Open Concept While Still Separating Spaces

The “open concept” is incredibly popular among home interior designers today. Clear sight lines dominate throughout the house, especially in the main living area. The result has been the loss of traditional space separation as kitchens, living rooms, and sometimes even other spaces all blend into one. Modern glass door designs provide a unique way to preserve these sight lines without sacrificing the need to keep certain areas separate. For example, you might choose to close glass doors in a dining room for quiet time during a family dinner. With as much or as little glass as you want in the door, it’s easy to create one that suits the style of the room.


French Doors Remain a Timeless Choice

french doors - luxury glass doors - b&l glass santa rosa“Modern” doesn’t have to mean brand new; it just means updated for the times. French doors are still extremely popular as interior doors and for good reason. They have a wide range of applications and set in several ways with different pane sizes and arrangements, and they’re ideal in many applications. For example, you could divide a large bedroom into a sleeping space and a relaxing space with a wall containing glass French doors in between. Want to make your walk-in closet more luxurious? Add French doors instead of a boring wooden door painted to match the walls. These options are ideal throughout the house. 


Etched and Frosted Glass Make for More Door Options

You might not usually think of a bathroom door as the place to put glass, but a small decorative inset or a heavily frosted glass design could be a fun way to add character to the space. Add a luxury pantry door to your kitchen with a glass inset that lets you see what you’ve got on hand, or create personalized glass door plates for every bedroom. The only real limit here? Your imagination. 


Let Light Filter Into More Interior Spaces

Solid glass doors comprised of one solid, beautiful pane of glass are a hallmark of modern glass doors. When you have a home office or another space that does not border an exterior wall, you have to rely primarily on electric light. What if you could let some natural light stream into the area via the door? With a glass door, you can maintain your separation while still enjoying a more naturally-lit space — ensuring better productivity.


Interior Glass Doors Aren’t Just For the Home

You don’t need to limit your thinking to residential spaces if you’re a business owner. Glass doors have a big role to play in the modern office, too. Although these designs are often different, you won’t usually find French doors in a corporate setting, but the possibilities are just as limitless. Why not consider “open concepting transparency” in your office by incorporating more glass?


Find the Glass Door Design That Suits Your Tastes Best

At B&L Glass, we’re proud to provide the easiest option for exploring a glass door design that suits your tastes and particular requirements. Now operating for more than sixty years, we draw upon decades of experience to deliver a consummate service for creating and installing interior doors that define your space. Contact us for further information.


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