The greatest perk provided from luxury glass offered by professional craftsmen like B & L Glass is the wide range of customizations you can integrate into your selection. Premium glass requires special care and therefore, pieces can be easily cut to meet the precise needs of your home.

At the end of the day, what really sets apart a piece of high-quality luxury glass is the finishings and treatments integrated. These are the details that make a luxury window or door truly one of a kind while also providing functional benefits that make a life for you and your family easy, convenient, and comfortable. As you begin to study the landscape of options available for luxury glass windows and doors, it is critical to note that now, options for customization are no longer limited to the design of your door or window.

Today, there is a wide range of customizations and treatments available for your luxury glass and the specialists at B & L Glass can help you determine which is the best selection for your needs. With over 50 years of experience serving the high-end clientele of Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County region, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in selecting, installing, and maintaining your premium glass.

From frosted glass to low-temperature E-glass, there are a variety of customization options available for you. Understanding their various functions and qualities of each treatment type will help in determining which may be best to integrate with your home design.

Types of Finishings and Treatments for Luxury Glass Windows and Doors

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a customization and treatment option that adds a decorative styling to your luxury glass while also providing many functional aspects such as enhanced privacy, security, and energy efficiency.

The technique of glass frosting is achieved by either sandblasting or etching the surface of a clear pane of glass, resulting in a textured, semi-opaque appearance. This distorted or blurred effect makes frosted glass perfect for enhancing privacy in certain rooms such as the bathroom, as the effect diminishes visibility from both the inside and the outside while still allowing ample light to enter the space.

Depending on your needs, the level of obscuring can be increased or decreased to match the room’s requirements. Frosted glass also increases the security of the room as the procedure requires the use of thicker, more durable materials- making your glass harder to break and more weather resistant than standard alternatives.

Further, frosted glass can help in lowering electricity bills and boost the energy efficiency of your home by reducing glare from the sun, filtering light out during the daytime and also blocking cold air during the more frigid months of the year. This ensures that your temperature stays as stable as possible throughout all seasons and can be a considerable asset to lowering heating and cooling bills while reducing your ecological impact on the world.


Low-E Glass

Low-E Glass is another variance of the luxury glass door and window coating that has become increasingly relevant as the world continues to integrate more eco-conscious and energy efficiency methods into their home designs. Low-E glass is a simple but powerful technology that allows you to reduce the number of harmful emissions sent through the light spectrum while allowing in the helpful frequencies that allow us to see.

The technology of low-E glass is built off the science of the light spectrum. Before it reaches our eyes- light from the sun travels across various different spectrum types; UV light, visible light and infrared light. These various forms all occupy separate sects of this spectrum and the differences are defined by their specific wavelengths.

UV light travels at the lowest wavelength, visible light travels at medium frequencies and infrared light travels at the highest. While we need access to the visible light spectrum to see, UV light and Infrared light can be potentially damaging to both our home and our AC bills. UV light can over time cause interior materials such as fabrics and wall coverings to begin to deteriorate and infrared light is the type of frequency that is translated most directly as heat.

However, low-E glass is specially built to minimize the exposure of UV light and infrared light without compromising the levels of visible light let into a room. Through use of a small transparent coating, low-E glass controls these levels of exposure by reflecting back the longer waves of infrared light while allowing an entryway for the productive sources of light.

For homeowners looking to minimize their UV exposure and maintain specific climate control in their interiors, low-E glass is a prime option as it offers a wide variety of ecological benefits while also providing enhanced comfort and temperature control in the home.


Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a variety of treatment that is specifically designed with safety in mind. By utilizing a high heat formation technique, tempered glass creates a more durable material that is considerably stronger than its standard glass counterparts.

To create tempered glass, anneal glass is first heated to approximately 700 degrees celsius by conduction, convection, and radiation. Then the cooling process is rapidly accelerated by utilizing an air blast procedure on both sides of the glass pane. The converse cooling rates between the inside and the outside of the glass create an iron-clad tension, making the glass 4-5 times stronger than standard glass.

In the case of an accident or slip, tempered glass breaks into small square fragments as opposed to long, dangerous shards and therefore is a prime option for bathrooms or for homes with kids, pets, or the eldery.


Diamond Fusion

Diamond Fusion glass is a clear, pristine protective coating that can boost the strength of your luxury glass while also adding water repellent properties. Diamond fusion is a specialty of B & L Glass and has become a staple for our high-end clients in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.

Diamond fusion is achieved by creating a microscopically thin barrier that seals the pores of your glass while also repelling stains, dirt, and other grime. Not only does this lead to stronger, sturdier glass but it also makes maintenance and cleaning considerably easier and keeps your luxury glass looking fresh and new for longer periods of time.


Custom Glass Treatments with B & L Glass

When dealing with high end luxury glass, at B & L we understand that the underlying glass is only one part of the solution. The treatments and finishes you apply to your luxury glass goes a long way in building the aesthetics and functionality needed for your home.

Whether you desire the safety of tempered glass, the clean aesthetics of diamond fusion, the ecological benefits of low-E glass or the privacy of frosted glass, the professionals at B & L Glass have the experience and the skills required to assist you in finding the perfect treatment for your needs.

If you are ready to learn more about the luxury glass treatment options available at B & L Glass, give us a call at (707) 546-4143 or use our online contact form to begin the conversation today.