Aluminum Windows: Lower Cost, High Design

Are you looking for a gorgeous window design that can still align with a relatively modest budget? If so, you should consider aluminum windows as an option for your residential or business space. While aluminum windows are classic and elegant in a luxury kind of way, they do not carry the premium cost of other luxury windows, including steel-framed window designs. Opting for aluminum windows gets you the best of both worlds: lower cost than the high-end luxury designs, but a level of quality, longevity, and strength that is difficult to achieve with less expensive window options, such as vinyl, wood, or fiberglass.


The Benefits of Aluminum Windows

If you are thinking about a window design that utilizes aluminum framing solutions, you will want to take all the core benefits of aluminum into account. Here are some of the key advantages that have made aluminum-style window framing increasingly popular in recent years:


  • Longevity. Aluminum is very resistant to the elements, which makes it an ideal window frame option if you want something that is going to stand the test of time. Rust, corrosion, and mildew are not problems you will have to deal with frequently if you have aluminum frames, nor cracks splits or warping. Besides, while aluminum is not nearly as strong as steel, it still brings strength and durability to the table without adding much extra weight to your window designs. These factors aid in longevity, as well.


  • Unobtrusive design. With window design, the function is only part of the equation. Aesthetics matter deeply to most property owners. Vinyl frames, which are typically fairly wide and thick in design and which don’t usually have much character, are not often the first choice for customers who consider aesthetic factors to be a priority. Additionally, while big, ornate wooden window frames may be desirable to some homeowners, most people tend to prefer narrower and less obtrusive window frames that allow for maximum natural light and don’t obscure sightlines. Aluminum frames are ideal if your taste tilts in this direction, as they require a minimal framework and can be crafted to preserve sightlines and flow of light.


  • Design flexibility. The lightweight and flexible nature of aluminum makes it amenable to a wide range of different window designs. Aluminum is also quite strong, which means it can support larger windows than many other frame types. Architects and designers can have a lot of fun with aluminum because it opens up many possibilities for using glass in a building design.


  • Environmental efficiency. The long-lasting nature of aluminum—along with the fact that the metal is highly recyclable and reusable—makes aluminum windows a highly sustainable choice for window design. Furthermore, while energy efficiency has been a problem for aluminum windows (and for all metal window frames) in the past, modern aluminum frames don’t have this problem. While metal has high thermal conductivity—and therefore risks thermal transfer that you wouldn’t have with vinyl or wood-framed windows—today’s window manufacturers have learned to incorporate thermal breaks into their metal frames. These breaks provide a layer of insulation between the exterior and interior parts of the frame. As a result, even when the outdoor section of the window gets hot or cold, that thermal energy won’t radiate through the frame (and glass) to affect your indoor temperature. This simple design modification does wonders to boost the energy efficiency of aluminum frames.


  • Noise insulation. Aluminum is one of the best window frame options on the market if one of your main priorities is noise insulation. Aluminum is useful for blocking out most noise, making windows with aluminum frames especially ideal for homes or businesses situated on busy streets or in bustling urban areas.


  • Affordable. While aluminum window cost is far from the least expensive option available on the market—vinyl windows, for instance, are typically about 30 percent less expensive—they are certainly a bargain as far as luxury windows are concerned. Steel windows, for instance, provide many of the same benefits, and while steel is stronger than aluminum, it is also markedly more expensive. If you are drawn to the design flexibility, performance, and timeless aesthetic of steel windows but can’t justify the added cost, then aluminum frames may be an optimal compromise.


Choose Aluminum for Your Luxury Windows

Aluminum frames balance many of the benefits of luxury windows with the perks of less expensive, less fancy window designs. The slim profile of aluminum window frames, combined with the design flexibility that aluminum provides, makes them ideal for the artistic side of the window planning equation. Meanwhile, the relative affordability, durability, and performance of aluminum windows make them a bargain buy with a potentially huge return-on-investment—especially on a longer timeline. If you believe aluminum is the right option for your home or business, give us a call at B&L Glass today. We can help you with everything from design planning to price, all aimed at getting you the gorgeous low-cost, high-design windows that you desire.


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