Architecture and building design are subject to trends and movements that help to determine the direction for new construction. One of the latest trends in commercial workplaces is interior glass.

Modern offices are using glass walls, panels, and doors which opens up offices to more natural light and can foster collaboration and corporate community.

In addition, using commercial interior glass in Sonoma County buildings adds a unique and upscale look and feel for office spaces by eliminating more traditional walls that create barriers within the workplace.


Some of the Benefits of Using Commercial Interior Glass

Commercial interior glass provides much more than sleek, modern, and luxurious interior spaces for your building, although it can certainly provide that, as well. Here are few of the benefits that can be had by installing commercial interior glass structures.


Improves Workplace Dynamics

With glass wall panels and doors, the overall atmosphere of a workplace is more open and “connected.” Communications can be improved, collaboration and interaction are increased, and there is no sense of “closed-in” spaces or claustrophobic offices. An abundance of interior glass fixtures will also allow for more natural light, making office spaces look bigger and more open.


Provides Strong and Partitions and Doors

Commercial interior glass is extremely durable and the tempered glass that used is completely safe. In addition, it is far more durable than more traditional building materials used for interiors. This is because glass cannot rust, be damaged by water, or suffer from termites and other pests. Because of the long life and durability of interior glass fixtures, they are also more cost-effective.


Offers a Modern and Space-Saving Design

Commercial glass doors and walls take up much less space than traditional materials. And the sleek, modern design increases the value of the building as well as enhancing the look and feel of your facility. Workplace culture has shifted over the last decade or so to a more open office culture. Modern and spacious-feeling commercial interior glass can help achieve that feel.


Allows For Flexibility and Innovative Applications

An article from Building Design+Construction notes that,

“Over the past decade, the average size of offices has shrunk by 30%, to 175 sf per employee. That trend coincides with the growing popularity of interior glass for offices construction and renovation… Demountable interior glass provides owners and property managers with the flexibility to reconfigure office spaces quickly to accommodate manpower or tenant shifts, says Bill Bouchey, IIDA, Director of Interiors with HOK, based in the firm’s New York office. Some glass systems allow information to be written or projected onto them, further enhancing workplace connectivity. And interior glass is more durable and requires less maintenance than drywall.”

While there are an abundance of positives associated with commercial glass interiors, there are also some important issues to consider when working with glass walls, dividers, and doors.


Considerations When Working in Commercial Glass Interiors

Before you decide that glass is right for your office interior design, it can help to understand the following drawbacks.


It is Less Sound Absorbent

Glass is one of the less sound absorbent materials to build a wall out of. This means that acoustics throughout the office can be unpleasant, and your privacy may not always be protected unless you pay attention to other design choices.


It is Potentially Dangerous

If you use unframed glass, it can be dangerous for people in an office. Frameless glass can also pose safety and liability problems because there’s a risk of people walking into the walls. For example, a few years ago this was a highly publicized problem at Apple Park, the corporate headquarters of Apple Inc., located in Cupertino, California.


Framed Vs. Frameless Interior Glass

Frameless applications with polycarbonate seals are becoming increasingly common in commercial structures. Frameless walls and doors provide a cleaner, more open look because the need for opaque pieces of framing is eliminated. to create a seamless wall.

However, there are some limitations to frameless glass. Framed systems provide much better acoustical privacy, according to experts. And in buildings with uneven floor and ceiling, framed systems are easier to install.


Commercial Interior Glass Solutions for Your Needs

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