Add Style and Function to Your Modern Home or Business

One of the top current home installations is the glass handrail system, which offers a new modern look to any innovative home or business interior. Not only is it safe and beautiful, but it also expands any office or home area and highlights features such as the California landscape. With glass hand railing, you can get more aesthetic out of your money, plus don’t have to worry about constant maintenance.

Reasons to Love Your New Glass Handrail System 

All glass hand rails and side walls


Glass Panels

Glass Handrail Systems, often called “invisible railings,” include clear, tempered glass panels, which are combined with stainless steel connectors to keep the structure minimal and strong. Tempered glass is an ideal design feature, because it reduces the chances of breakage, and if it does break, reduced shard size poses a low injury risk.

Benefits of Tempered Glass:

  • No Corrosion – Metal will stay clean and sleek throughout wear and tear
  • Resists Extreme Temperature –Thermal shock resistant glass will prevent destruction during under extreme conditions
  • Low Maintenance – If the glass is coated with Diamond Fusion@, it will stay free from permanent water spotting and requires little cleaning. The glass will not rot or stain.


Stainless Steel Connectors

A variety of different sized insulated glass windows

At B & L Glass Company, we use stainless steel connectors and hinges to create a sleek and modern Glass Railing System design.

Benefits of Stainless Steel:

  • High Load Capacity – Steel can withstand high amounts of weight, providing a secure and stable structure
  • Tensile Metal – A high strength to weight ratio
  • Faster Construction- Steel is much easier to construct and handle than other foundation materials
  • Eco-Friendly – Steel is recyclable, contributing to excellent waste management

Sleek and Minimalist Design

A glass railing system is an open design with minimal and simple features. This is a perfect design choice for professional business or a modern home that is embracing the 21st century and innovation.

Whether your office or home is located on a coast or in a huge urban city, our glass railing system will provide you the ability to highlight your surroundings without taking away from your brand or personal lifestyle.

Safety and Function

Custom handrail with glass side wall

Glass Railing Systems are optimal for their see-through and supportive design.

Glass designs include

  • Fall Protection – With advanced engineering and secured construction there is guaranteed fall protection
  • Unobstructed Views – Ability to see surroundings for both aesthetic and security reasons is a bonus
  • Durability – Long lasting design that can withstand pressure and the elements
  • Customizable – You can easily create your own design with a choice of glass or rail styling

Ready to Modernize Your Home or Business?

If you are interested in installing a glass railing system for your home or business, please give us a call or contact us online. Our trained staff will guide you to the right windows, doors, shower enclosure, storefront, skylight, mirror or other glass product with the budget you have set for your project. We have several top of the line manufacturers guaranteed for a wide range of applications.