Unless you’re already in the business of commercial glazing, you’ll need to have a contractor install or replace storefront glass. Unfortunately, choosing a commercial contractor for storefront glass can be frustrating.

Not that there is a shortage of contractors. In fact, part of the frustration is that unless you live in the backside of nowhere, there are plenty of glazing contractors to choose from.

But not all commercial glazing services are created equal

Hiring a professional storefront glass provider for your installation needs is certainly the best way to ensure that the job is done effectively and that you get durable storefront glass. A quality contractor can also give you advice and guidance to help maintain it properly so as to maximize the life of your glass structures.

In addition, a professional contractor can help you achieve the desired appearance on your building and interiors.


Thinking About Commercial Glass

Regardless of whether you need to repair damaged storefront glass, install a glass storefront in a new building, or simply replace some existing windows, it needs to be done correctly and at a fair price.

A plus, of course, is if the contractor can complete the job quickly with minimal downtime to your business.

These considerations typically mean that your choice of contractor should be limited to those that specialize in commercial storefront glass installation. Although it’s certainly possible for a strictly residential glazing contractor to take on a smaller, commercial job, it may not be the best option.

Faulty installation or sub-par workmanship can easily lead to additional damage, leakage, and possibly breakage and potential lawsuits. Going “cheap” should never be a reason to incur an unnecessary risk.

Not all glass is the same, either.

For example, typical glass storefronts will be installed with what is commonly known as “safety” glass. However, it’s not quite that simple. Two main types of glass are considered safety glass but for different reasons: Tempered glass and laminated glass.

Tempered glass is produced using a special heating process which makes it up to four times stronger than annealed glass, which is often used in items such as tabletops, cabinet doors, and basement windows. Tempered glass, unlike annealed glass, breaks into many tiny pieces when shattered, which are less dangerous than big shards.

Laminated safety glass, on the other hand, consists of two pieces of annealed glass with a very strong layer of laminate sandwiched between them that keeps the glass shards in place if it breaks.

One advantage of this type of safety glass is that it tends to hold together while broken, which provides additional security against intruders. In addition, laminated safety glass is safer for anyone that may be near it when it breaks.

A good commercial storefront glass contractor will be able to inform and advise you of not only your options with glass choices, but make reliable recommendations.


Other Factors to Consider

A competent and professional commercial storefront glass contractor will be able to offer you a variety of options for your glazing needs. In addition, the contractor will carry out the work with his or her own crew, not subcontractors.

Another consideration is whether the contractor offers and provides after-project support. Your storefront glass or other commercial glazing investment deserves more than a “hit and run” installation. In fact, a good contractor will make it a point to follow up with you a few times after the job is complete to ensure all is well with the installation, etc.

If your storefront glass installation is for new construction, it also helps to hire a glazing contractor that works well with other contractors on a job. Not only is this a hallmark of a professional, it is also a tangible benefit to you, the customer, since difficulties or delays can cost you money.

And, speaking of new construction, custom glazing solutions can create issues for contractors. If your commercial property requires specific window sizes or glass types that are not easily met with standard products, you want a contractor with experience in ordering or fabricating custom commercial glass products, and installing them.

Finding and ordering a custom commercial glass product isn’t enough. Your contractor must be competent enough to complete the installation, as well.


Choosing a Contractor Near You: Why Staying Local Can Be a Good Thing

Which local contractor is right for your commercial storefront glass needs?

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