Expert Advice on Easy Ways to Keep Your Glass Handrails Clean and Clear with Less Effort

One of the featured benefits of installing clear glass handrails or – invisible railings – in your home or office, is the low maintenance it requires to keep them clean. Whether your new glass handrail system is indoors or outdoors, our glass experts at B & L Glass Co, have simple remedies that will ensure they remain clean and clear with minimal effort.

You do not need any expensive cleaners or harsh chemicals to keep your glass handrails clean, and there are no fancy tools to invest in either. Most everything you will need to maintain their cleanliness can be found in your home already. 

Things You’ll Need

  1. Glass Drying Tools

    – News Paper
    – Lint-free Cloth

  2. Simple Household Cleaning Products

    – Liquid Dish Soap
    – Vinegar
    – Distilled Water

Easy Glass Handrail Cleaning Tips

  • A small dollop of liquid dish soap mixed with warm water is a great way to refresh your glass panels. 
  • Avoid scrubbing the glass too hard, as this could potentially scratch the glass, and make sure to soak any particularly stubborn spots with warm water to loosen any debris before wiping it away. 
  • Undiluted vinegar will remove any built up dirt or dust with ease, while adding warm water to the mix will offer a more delicate solution.    

Easy Streak-Free Glass Drying Tips

  • Minerals in hard water cause glass to streak when drying. To avoid this, us distilled water instead, and let the panels air dry.
  • We can vouch; the old wives tale is true! Using newspaper to dry your glass after washing them really does reduce the amount of streaking. We also advise you to make sure to use text only pages from the paper and not the colorful cartoon pages, as this could transfer ink dye to your glass handrails.
  • If you want to pass on the paper trick, a simple lint-free cloth will reduce glass streaking while drying as well. 

Go “Pro” with Diamond Fusion

We also offer Diamond Fusion protection coating for all of our glass handrail installations. By creating an invisible barrier, this professional grade protective coating repels any liquid, or other natural elements or pollutants from leaving permanent marks on your glass handrail panels.

If the tempered glass is coated with Diamond Fusion, it will stay free from permanent water spotting, and damage from environmental factors, but it is still common for the occasional smudge of dust or dirt to build up over time. 

About Glass Handrails Systems

Glass handrails installations are one of our top requested services; offering a modern and sleek stylization to your home or office without any aesthetic distractions from the natural beauty of our California scenery.  

When installed inside, these unique glass fixtures offer an allusion of opening up smaller spaces. Opting to use translucent glass handrails over bulky wooden or metal materials will grant more natural light to pass through the space and allow for less obstructed views. This will immediately create the illusion that your house or office space is bigger than it actually is.

Don’t let any visual pollutants obstruct your view from your new glass handrail. Use these tips on how to reduce cleaning time and the frequency of cleanings to keep your new architectural addition clean and safe for years to come. 

Trust B & L Glass for Your Glass Handrail Needs

If you are interested in installing a glass railing system for your home or business, or have any additional questions on how to maintain your new railing system, please give us a call or contact us online. B & L Glass has worked with countless Sonoma County homeowners to fulfill their glass needs, and we’re ready to help you with your new glass handrail system.