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When it comes to quality luxury glass; it all comes down to customization. One of the best qualities of luxury glass doors and windows from B&L Glass is the ability to specifically individualize your custom glasswork to meet the precise needs and characteristics of your home. Today, we prize individuality over uniformity, and homeowners and designers alike know that a high-end property must stand out from the crowd and provide… Read More

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Integrating luxury glass windows into your home is a simple and elegant way to boost your property’s value and aesthetic quality, no matter the architectural style or design. By utilizing luxury glass for your windows, you are bringing a sense of class and heightened detail to your home while also providing functional improvements. Luxury glass is often more durable and far safer than the less expensive products available on the… Read More

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Why Choose Steel Windows over Vinyl?   Which style of windows is ideal for your residential or commercial space? These days, there are many different options to consider—from vinyl to steel, aluminum, and fiberglass to wood window designs. Particularly in residential settings, vinyl, (or PVC) window frames tend to be the most popular option, thanks mostly to its affordability. However, at B&L Glass, we have noticed a trend in recent… Read More

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wood Windows   Whether you are planning a renovation, or you're overseeing brand new construction, you have many choices ahead. Some of those are purely aesthetic, while others are more functional. Some are both — like your windows. Choosing your windows is not only about the type of glass you select or the shape of the panes. What about the window frame, though? Not… Read More

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Should You Buy Wood Windows or Vinyl Windows? Did you know that when you buy windows, you’re deciding more than what the outside of your home will look like? Your selection makes a difference in many areas, from energy efficiency to upkeep costs to future replacement needs. Making the right choice today could save you more money in the long run without compromising on the visual aesthetic you hope to… Read More

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The greatest perk provided from luxury glass offered by professional craftsmen like B & L Glass is the wide range of customizations you can integrate into your selection. Premium glass requires special care and therefore, pieces can be easily cut to meet the precise needs of your home. At the end of the day, what really sets apart a piece of high-quality luxury glass is the finishings and treatments integrated.… Read More

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