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how to remove soap scum from shower doors

At B&L Glass, we hear from Sonoma County residents about a wide variety of issues. And we get questions on both residential and commercial glass installation and maintenance. But there is one question we seem to get more than any other: “How can I get the soap scum off my glass shower doors?”   Glass Shower Doors and Cleaning Challenges There is nothing more elegant and stylish than clear glass… Read More

How to Design Showers and Bathrooms with ADA Compliance In Mind

Custom shower design allows contractors to build or remodel bathrooms that are both modern and upscale while also keeping safety at the forefront of their work. Today, the ADA (The American Disabilities Act) has provided regulations that make designing bathrooms and showers for both the disabled and the elderly simple and easy while still allowing flexibility and space for design options and aesthetics. Now, a safe and accessible bathroom no… Read More

Demo, Renovation, and How to Design an In-Home Spa

Demo, Renovation, and How to Design an In-Home Spa Home renovations are not for the faint of heart. Experienced contractors understand that a well-planned renovation requires more than a solid design; it takes effective demolition, a focused renovation with quality materials, and a skilled designer who knows how to make the most use of space.   Renovations often require a team of helpers. So if you’re a homeowner thinking about… Read More

Glass Doors: Leakage Prevention and Sealin

In the field of home design and remodeling, it’s important to blend functionality and aesthetic appeal as both ingredients are crucial in crafting the ultimate effectiveness and comfort of a home.    Bathrooms, by nature of the colder, waterproof, and therefore rigid materials utilized, tend to be the most challenging to bring character and elegance to what is considered a mostly utilitarian room. This is where design and high-end materials… Read More

Shower Enclosures 101: The Three Designs of Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are a fantastic way to add a sense of elegance and aesthetic quality to your bathroom while also boosting the value of your home. As the world of home improvement continues to grow and expand, so does the variety and selections of shower enclosures, specifically glass shower enclosures.  No two bathrooms are alike, and therefore when selecting a shower enclosure for your bathroom it is imperative that you… Read More

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need A Unique Shower Design

For contractors, designers, or homeowners looking to make an immediate impact on the functionality, safety, aesthetics, enjoyment, and valuation of your home; integrating a unique shower design is one of the most effective ways to achieve substantial results.   [epq-quote align="align-center"]"...the bathroom is a crucial space. This is the room where you get ready or relax after a long day’s work."[/epq-quote]   From selecting specific types of shower glass to… Read More


Today, contractors and homeowners have a wide variety of options when deciding which type of shower enclosures are best to integrate into a new bathroom or a bathroom remodel. Modern bathroom aesthetics have shifted over the past few years, and now current trends have moved towards integrating a more minimalist, sleek, and elegant design. However, no two homes are alike- and no two homeowners are alike. Therefore, it is important… Read More

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