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Residential Glass vs. Commercial Glass: What Are the Differences? Is the glass used to make the windows around your home the same as the glass that lines storefronts or scales up the side of a high-rise building? To the average person looking at them from the street, commercial glass and residential glass look very much the same. However, there are in fact many differences between the two due to the… Read More

Demo, Renovation, and How to Design an In-Home Spa

Demo, Renovation, and How to Design an In-Home Spa Home renovations are not for the faint of heart. Experienced contractors understand that a well-planned renovation requires more than a solid design; it takes effective demolition, a focused renovation with quality materials, and a skilled designer who knows how to make the most use of space.   Renovations often require a team of helpers. So if you’re a homeowner thinking about… Read More

Modern balcony with a clear glass railing overlooking a beautiful city view

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Glass Handrails Over the years B & L Glass Co has installed hundreds of outdoor glass handrails all around Sonoma, Marin, and Napa counties. There are plenty of reasons to add a glass deck to your outdoor space, but we understand these invisible railings may not be perfect for everyone. That is why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the pros and… Read More

glass handrail on outdoor patio

Expert Advice on Easy Ways to Keep Your Glass Handrails Clean and Clear with Less Effort One of the featured benefits of installing clear glass handrails or - invisible railings - in your home or office, is the low maintenance it requires to keep them clean. Whether your new glass handrail system is indoors or outdoors, our glass experts at B & L Glass Co, have simple remedies that will… Read More

glass panels and door helping make a home feel bigger

Using Glass Elements to Make Your Home Seem Larger If you have a smaller home in Sonoma County, you might be looking for ways to make it seem bigger without having to build out to add square footage. Smaller spaces can seem confining, but following different tips and tricks will make it feel like you are living large.   B & L Glass Company specializes in all things glass, providing and… Read More

bathroom with white bathroom and heavy glass shower enclosure

Which Glass Shower Door is Best for My Bathroom Space? Are you remodeling or adding on a bathroom in your Sonoma County home? Whether you are looking to sell or simply need an upgrade, a bathroom remodel or addition will help add value and functionality to your house.  When planning your bathroom project, little details like a beautiful heavy glass shower door can make all the difference. A glass shower… Read More

view of stairs with glass handrail system

Glass Handrails for Bay Area Homes and Backyards  It is no surprise that glass handrails are becoming increasingly popular for Northern California homes. Inside, they can completely transform a room...and with gorgeous views of vineyards, city scapes, and rolling hills, backyards benefit from the full view glass handrails offer. Whether you are contemplating a renovation or simply want to add some style to your home, a glass handrail system might… Read More

Why Summer is the Best Time to Replace Your Residential Windows  The summer season is almost in full swing here in Sonoma County, and while many people have vacation on their mind, other homeowners are ready to jump on their list of chores and residential repairs. Are you one of these homeowners? You might be surprised to learn that it is best to replace your older windows in the summer… Read More

broken residential window

As a glass company, it should come as no surprise that we regularly receive questions from our clients about glass repair and maintenance. When talking to customers, we find most people are delightfully surprised when we tell them glass can often be repaired in lieu of a complete replacement. Whether you’re dealing with a broken window, damaged seals, or unsightly scratches, our expert staff can handle any repair. When the… Read More

Custom handrail with glass side wall

Add Style and Function to Your Modern Home or Business One of the top current home installations is the glass handrail system, which offers a new modern look to any innovative home or business interior. Not only is it safe and beautiful, but it also expands any office or home area and highlights features such as the California landscape. With glass hand railing, you can get more aesthetic out of… Read More

Sliding glass shower door.

Whether you’re constructing a brand new master bathroom or remodeling an existing bathroom, a new glass shower door is a practical and appealing way to modernize your shower enclosure. The right glass shower door can completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom. That old shower curtain has lost its charm, it’s time to consider a shower door that will keep the water in, provide easy access, and look… Read More

Close up of leaky window

Installing new windows is a considerable investment. Your windows protect your family and home from the outside elements. When the weather outside is pleasant though, their actual condition may not be apparent. But when the days are hot or the nights cold, and you find your furnace or air conditioner working overtime you can certainly tell. Outdated or damaged windows can prove to be a liability to both your home… Read More

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