LaCantina glass

Enjoy Indoor/Outdoor Living

Headquartered in San Diego, LaCantina Doors is a long-standing industry leader in the design and fabrication of large operable door and window systems. Through innovative design and state-of-the-art manufacturing, LaCantina offers a comprehensive range of high-quality glass door systems that help to remove the visual barriers between the indoors and outdoors.

Award-winning Quality Doors & Windowss

Designed and produced in California, LaCantina products have contributed to award-winning projects ranging from residential, commercial, retail, education facilities, resorts and more. The products are backed by an industry-leading warranty, making them the preferred choice of architects, contractors and homeowners nationwide.

With a focus on performance, longevity and aesthetics, LaCantina engineers and develops every component of their door systems from start to finish.

Featuring a patented narrow rails and stile profile, LaCantina’s signature door panels are able to help achieve consistent sightlines and product styling for a complete, perfectly matching door package.

  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum Thermally Controlled
  • Aluminum Wood
  • Contemporary Clad
  • Wood
  • Vinyl

When Only the Best Will Do

Superior strength and weather resistance makes aluminum the best material on the market for folding, sliding and swing doors. Combined with stainless steel or bronze hardware, LaCantina Door systems hold a high rank in the industry. They also offer a wide range of sizes, configurations and colors to meet all design needs.

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