When embarking on a new build home or updating an existing home, it’s critical to spend ample time planning and designing. Beyond architectural implications and inevitable structural hurdles, the design of your home is what dictates the flow and layout of each room.

Once the layout has been determined, one of the most notable factors in successful bathroom designs is the selection of high-quality materials. While there are many ways to select materials, a balance between budget, functionality, and overall aesthetics is necessary to optimize your remodel.


Six Factors for Selecting High-Quality Materials



Most people embark on a bathroom update hoping to stay on budget, or at the very least to make an investment that will lead to an increase in overall home value over time.

The budget aspect of a redesign leads many designers, contractors, or homeowners to cut corners or forgo the more opulent finishes that can turn an ordinary bathroom into a high-end spa. The best way to straddle the line on budget considerations is to select specific areas where you’d like to splurge and others where you would like to stay more modest, that way you will have a bathroom that is both functional and has a strong, aesthetic focal point.



Without exception, the bathroom must exist as one of the most functional rooms in your house. Without proper plumbing, water, and a practical layout that works for you, your upgrade may be less than ideal.

Functionality is often determined by the high-end materials used during the remodel. Certain materials can only be used on counters or floors, or visa versa. Learn what materials are waterproof, which ones need additional sealing, and what can be expected in terms of upkeep and maintenance. A beautiful spa bathroom is only as elegant and luxurious as it is functional.



Transforming your bathroom into a high-end spa requires some inspiration and an eye for design. But with a few tips from our blog “Making your bathroom a spayou can make an ordinary bathroom something extraordinary. This is where customization becomes crucial.

One of the surest ways to make your bathroom spa both high-end and original is to hand-select and customize every nook and cranny. This can be done with special order countertops, vintage vanities, specialized lighting with dimmers, and of course elegant bath and shower designs. Even the commode can be made a fixture in your bathroom if you want it to be. Unique and impressively functional bidets can give a euro vibe to your bathroom spa.

The key to aesthetic balance is to integrate a concept that you can follow continuously and introduce unusual and unexpected elements, breaking the mold of your overall picture and infusing your space with life and originality.



When designing your bathroom, waterproof materials are key. This is especially important when considering your selection of flooring materials.

When getting out of the tub or shower, you want a floor that can withstand a few drips and drops of water. Flooring materials range from ceramic tile, porcelain tile, vinyl flooring, water-resistant laminate, and engineered water-resistant wood. Each high-end material has its own unique aesthetic and can provide functionality in the bathroom. However, they vary in performance, durability, and cost.

Among the most durable flooring materials are ceramic and porcelain tiling, waterproof vinyl, and engineered wood. These materials are consistent with a 100% waterproof design and can be trusted to stand the test of time, looking fresh and strong for years and years to come.

Ceramic tile and porcelain tile, while very durable, can feel a little chilly underfoot if you’re someone who is comfort conscious of the floor temperature.

Water-resistant laminate, while a price-conscious choice, is not generally 100% waterproof. What you save in dollars may eventually need to be reinvested in future flooring options as laminate tends to be less durable than ceramic, porcelain tiling, and engineered wood options.

Today, almost any of these materials can be engineered to look like wood flooring or stone, materials that are aesthetically pleasing and sought after but not necessarily optimal for bathroom design. Engineered wood uses a waterproof core to ensure optimal durability and prevent bowing or sagging in flooring.



When designing your countertops in your bathroom, it is important to methodically determine where and how the sink will sit.

Will the sink sit above the lip of the counters or will it be inlaid below?

In both instances, a hole cut into the top of the countertop will be required to accommodate the footprint of your sink.

Many choose countertops as a focal point in their bathroom and spa designs as they are always directly in the prime view of the space and therefore serves as some of the most valuable real-estate in your bathroom design. Materials like quartz, marble, and granite deliver in both durability and eye-catching beauty. With all three of these materials, you will have the freedom to hand-select individual slabs of granite, quartz, or marble and design around the unique and natural colors of each piece of stone. Many even wait to select a piece of stone to choose color schemes that work within that design as this tends to be a prime investment into the focal point of a spa bathroom.

Other materials that can be used for bathroom countertops include stainless steel or cement. Both have the capability to utilize one material from countertop to sink, giving a seamless and sleek aesthetic. The modern design is both elegant and minimalist for a bathroom spa.

The traditional countertop design material is laminate which is water-resistant, durable for countertop use, and economically moderate. Further, the laminates of today have come a long way and can be designed to look like expensive, high-end stone.


Glass and shower doors

Bathroom glass is a design element that is often all too easily overlooked in bathroom design, especially the glass that is utilized in windows, shower partitions, and doors. With B&L Glass, we design glass that fits every aesthetic design and need for every customer. Windows and shower glass can be treated and designed to include textures or frosting which add both privacy and elegance.

Our diamond fusion coating treatment gives ordinary glass an exceptionally crisp finish that makes the surface extraordinarily clear and also resilient and easy to clean. By filling in microscopic pores into the glass structure, the glass becomes less likely to hold on to mildew dirt or debris, substantially boosting the durability and longevity of your glass paneling.

At B&L Glass, we deliver the glass you need to transform your windows and shower glass into a stunning focal point for your bathroom design. In lieu of shower curtains, glass panels can give a clean sleek, open concept design to what could otherwise feel closed off and separated.

Glass also allows light to continually stream through, giving a more natural approach to design and providing a soft and subtle lighting scheme. With such variety, the options for glass in your bathroom design are endless and B& L can make even the most specific and custom designs a reality in your home.

Give B&L Glass a call today at 707-546-4143 and see what great materials you can design with today.