Showerheads, heated floors, and other ways to make your bathroom a spa…

After a long stressful day, there is nothing more comforting than a long soak in the tub. When considering an upgrade to your home there’s nothing more effective in increasing your property value than updating your bathroom’s attributes or building an additional bathroom with modern amenities integrated.

Today, homes with only one bathroom are considered outdated and can lead to a severe depreciation of the property assessments, especially for houses with more than 2 bedrooms. Buyers agree that the idea of sharing their only bathroom with teenage children does not particularly inspire feelings of relaxation or comfort. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a modern home to have as many full bathrooms as there are bedrooms.

That’s because the bathroom is where you start and finish the day. It’s the place you get ready each morning to take on the world with confidence and strength while also serving as the place where you can unwind and relax at day’s end. That’s why the bathroom is an ideal place to showcase the class and style of your home.

Why not turn your functional bathroom into a spa. Why not make your spa bathroom immaculate?

There are a remarkable number of options available when considering a new design or an update for your bathroom, including finishes, fixtures, and other amenities. Experts like the professionals at B&L Glass have the experience and the skills to transform your bathroom into a spa with features that are nothing short of amazing.



When tasked with a bathroom remodel, the first place a designer will look to is updating the showerhead. But why stop at replacing and upgrading your shower? The market offers different showerheads specifically designed for every person’s taste. Implement a shower system that is so finely tuned to your preferences so that your morning shower is a joy you look forward to each and every day. Some models to explore include:


  1. Fixed showerheads- often the primary water fixture in a traditional shower. These offer a consistent water flow and often pair well with other types of showerheads to create a spa-like experience.
  2. Waterfall showerheads- these deliver a constant, large flow or stream of overhead water. Waterfall shower heads are mounted either to the ceiling or at the highest point of your shower wall and are designed to emit medium to gentle water pressure in high, consistent volumes.
  3. Handheld showerheads- these types of showerheads are considered amongst the most versatile as their accessibility allows users to reach every corner of the shower whale also assisting in helping direct water flow. Further, handheld showerheads can make a great combination with fixed showerheads.
  4. Low-flow showerheads- These showerheads help to regulate and conserve water flow, appealing to the more environmentally conscious user, while still delivering a satisfying shower experience.
  5. High-pressure showerheads- bringing a sense of massage to your shower, these shower heads utilize a forceful and high volume of water, creating enough strength to work out knots in sore muscles or relieve achy joints.


Window in Bathroom

One of the key tenets of design is to utilize what nature has already given you. This sentiment rings especially true when remodeling or building a new bathroom. Out of necessity, bathrooms often utilize materials that are cold, rigid, and firm such as metal, glass, or porcelain. Therefore, a savvy designer will want to incorporate elements of nature to soften what can be the more rigid elements of a bathroom.

Magazines will tell you to simply put a plant in your bathroom or use a moss scented candle to create a sense of the outdoors. While those improvements make some impact, the best way to design your bathroom with nature in mind is to make design changes to truly incorporate the outside world.

A window to the outdoors does wonders for the design of a bathroom as the added natural light can immediately change the feeling in the room. Natural lighting allows a designer or a homeowner to rely less on the stark or overly bright lights that are often used in bathroom design and instead integrate a softer, more relaxing feel.


Protip: add dimmers to your bathroom lighting fixtures to set the mood.

Installing a window to your bathroom is a significant upgrade that would require assistance from a contractor or professional who can advise you on the structural blueprint of your home.

However, the change to the overall layout will most certainly open up a wealth of opportunities for your bathroom spa design. Consider centering an oversized window behind your ornate clawfoot bathtub so you can look outside while you soak, or design a skylight window above your shower to allow light to stream in while maintaining privacy.

B & L Glass can individually design window glass for your every need, including custom sizing and installation as well as frosted or textured glass options for privacy.


Heated floors

Nothing is more unpleasant than stepping out of a luxurious bath onto cold, damp tile flooring. Instead, imagine stepping out of the shower onto your spa bathroom’s toasty warm custom heated floor. When transforming your traditional bathroom into a spa, flooring is undoubtedly something to consider, especially when comfort is the primary consideration.

Further, heated floors not only make a statement about the value and quality of your home, but also offer a few practical perks as well.

With traditional forced-air systems, the air is circulated thus heating the room as a whole. Since hot air rises, the ceiling of your room is likely to be the warmest spot in the room. Heated floors help to evenly distribute naturally upward drifting heat while maintaining a toasty, comfortable warmth in the flooring. Most bathrooms are comprised of smaller square footage in comparison to other larger rooms in the house, therefore distributed heat from the flooring tends to generate enough warmth to heat the room.

To install heated flooring systems, the tile, or cement of your floor must be demoed and re-installed on top of the floor heating system. Luckily, heated flooring infrequently requires maintenance and if you are refinishing or otherwise upgrading your bathroom, this is the ideal stage to make such an upgrade.

After the experience of waking up to cozy, warm floors, most homeowners swear that they’ll never go back to the old days of cold tile floors in the morning. Beyond enjoyment for the homeowner, they are another way to add resale value to a home.

The excerpts at B&L glass can walk you through the process of transforming your bathroom into a full-service spa. Call us today at 707-546-4143 or use our online contact form to begin the conversation today.